Learn all Aspects on Brand Protection

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Learn all Aspects on Brand Protection


Never before has there been so much obligation on enterprises to protect themselves. The rising demand in light of COVID-19 has resulted in a 146 percent year-over-year increase in total online shopping orders in the United States and Canada. Buyers are quickly adapting to digitization, with the majority of purchases made online.


The rise in eCommerce demand has coincided with an increase in cybercrime. Counterfeiters thrive in all types of online environments because it’s difficult for customers to know whether they’re buying a genuine product or not. Brands saw a 41 percent increase in cybercrime during Covid-19 because of a potent combination of rising worldwide demand and speedier but less transparent distribution networks.


The significance of having a trademark protection strategy in place for your company


Seeing counterfeits of a brand on the market is a red flag for consumers. 40% of buyers believe that the original companies are to blame for removing counterfeit toys from internet marketplaces. Any firm with a strong brand, unique design, or unique product now has to safeguard its business against intellectual property infringements. 


From international protection agencies to traditional legal companies to smaller tech-based solutions, various services provide a broad range of protection. There are certain crucial elements to consider before selecting a tech or conventional-based approach for your brand.


Any occurrences of unauthorized trademark usage and unlawful retail of either genuine or counterfeit products will be prevented and responded to by the relevant brand protection service. As a result, it protects your brand against income loss, sales decline, and critical brand equity damage. When selecting a brand protection agency, there are a few crucial factors to consider.




When you notice that counterfeiters are aiming at your brands and want to figure out a solution to preserve your product, the ideal and first thing to do is always to comprehend the magnitude of the infringements. 


Do you have just one fraudulent incident, or are you already aware of piracy on a few sites, and there could be more? Is your brand protection service sustainable in terms of the types and sizes of incidents you encounter? A qualified brand protection system should be capable of inspecting and assessing the existing danger to your brand and providing a solution to match.




Whether this is a relevant factor for you depends on whether you are attempting to resolve a single case or numerous cases and whether you want to be protected after the audit.


Technology has enabled a growing range of venues and techniques of brand infringement, ranging from counterfeit items sold on social media to search engines redirecting customers to false webpages and dealing goods on applications like WhatsApp and Wallapop


Cybercrime diverts internet traffic from your brand’s website, posing a risk to firms and customers while relinquishing trademark management.




While a long-term solution should be prioritized, timeliness in deleting infringements is critical in a brand protection solution to prevent counterfeiting and reclaim brand control. A reputable brand protection service will publicize their removal rates, and you should pay close attention to the proportion of detection methods to eliminations as well as the average period between detection and removal of infringements. Expect rates of success of above 80%, with a maximum three-day window for removing violations. Automated technology can help boost efficiency, but industry ties ensure ISPs and markets prioritize requests for speedy takedowns.




Possibly the most crucial aspect, as this is the proof of an accomplished job. The majority of brand protection services include a reporting system accessible via an app or a visual web dashboard. Software that is simple to use and comprehend can save time and money by lowering training costs. 


An intelligent system should be able to do more than detect infringements; it should provide detailed reports and indicate high-risk websites and geographic locations. It’s crucial to examine whether you can have fast access to IP infringement data through a portal or if you’ll have to wait for weekly reports. Real-time data is the preferred reporting format since it allows you to view infringements as they occur.




Counterfeiters, like technology, are constantly developing in their attempts to elude discovery. Is the solution you’re looking at capable of learning from its search engine results? 


In the digitized counterfeit sector, staying updated with keywords that detect potential risks to your brand and customizing the service supplied with given data keeps you one step ahead of cyber hackers. To stay one step ahead of counterfeiters, brands that do anti-counterfeiting well continually adapt and integrate new technologies.




Allowing counterfeits to go uncontested puts a brand’s current brand equity, partners, and product reputation at risk. Time, budget, and resources are all constraints for all businesses. When looking for the best brand protection services, think about how much time and resources your employees can devote to brand protection, as well as the expenses of brand protection software.



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