5 Methods to Liquidate Excess Amazon Inventory

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5 Methods to Liquidate Excess Amazon Inventory


1. Increase your marketing budget


It’s possible that your stock isn’t selling. And, the reason behind it could be there aren’t enough people aware of it. 


Though this needs important some financial investment at first, it can assist to kickstart sales in the long run. However, if you combine this method with a sale promotion or something similar. Therefore, simply make a budget and stick to it so that you don’t add to your losses unnecessarily.


2. Put together a bundle


Connecting a normal item with a best-selling product is a brilliant way to efficiently liquidate excess Amazon inventory.


You can advance your overall pricing while also providing a unique package to your customers by classifying things together. However, if you choose this method, then you need to make sure your bundled products are complementary to one another. Also, that they make your customers attracted to it. 


3. Lower Costs


This is one of the best approaches to liquidate your shares. Moreover, you might progressively reduce your pricing, or you may provide a deal that customers can’t deny that offer.


Moreover, you could offer Buy One Get One Free or just sell the excess items in packs. It would further depend on how quickly you need to get rid of the stock.


4. Return or exchange any extra inventory you may have


There may be an option to return or swap your products. However, it may depend on how long you’ve had the stock. Also, it depends on your relationship with your supplier. 


If things aren’t selling, some vendors are willing to “exchange” them. After all, you won’t want to re-order from your supplier if your products aren’t selling. It’s in your supplier’s best interests to exchange them with things that will sell, so you’ll come back for more.


5. Get Rid of your Inventory


Finally, if none of the measures above work or you don’t think it’s worth the effort, you can request that Amazon delete your stock. This may seem radical, but having stock returned to you and then destroying it yourself is pointless, especially if there is a considerable number involved. You’ll have to pay to remove the stock, and then you’ll have to pay again.


You’ll have to submit a disposal request and pay a charge, but by destroying the goods, you keep control and prevent others from devaluing your brand, which can happen when it is sold through liquidators.



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