5 Methods to Look for Trending Items to Sell on eCommerce Websites

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5 Methods to Look for Trending Items to Sell on eCommerce Websites


When you plan to sell on eCommerce websites, it is highly important to understand all aspects of it. One of those aspects includes selling the right product, especially the trending products. This method helps to stay ahead in competition. 


In this article, we have discussed 5 effective methods that will help to search for trending products to sell online. Let’s check: 


Suggestions from Amazon


You undoubtedly already use Amazon to get product and category ideas if you run an eCommerce site.


However, you may not be aware that Amazon’s search suggest tool. It is an excellent way to find popular product and category terms. Furthermore, they are frequently given their own Amazon category before they are given their own.


Tickets for Customer Service


Customer service tickets can reveal latent demand that would otherwise be difficult to discover.


Furthermore, you’ll need an eCommerce site with some traction to make this method work. However, if you do, you should ask your customer service representatives to escalate product requests to a product manager. They’ll be able to recognise trends this way.


And if they observe that the same product is being requested often. Then,  it might be a good idea to get it into production as soon as possible.




Etsy is a terrific way to get your finger on the pulse of what’s selling well in your market. 


Furthermore, the best part about shopping on Etsy is that the majority of the items are handcrafted. As a result, things on Etsy can become popular long before they are mass-produced and widely available.


The one caveat is that researching products on Etsy is only useful in a few niches. It may include fashion, home, toys, decor, and much more. 


However, if you are planning to sell vitamins, then Etsy might not be a good fit.


The Facebook Ad Library 


The Facebook ad library is an underutilised source of innovative product concepts. Why?


Because most DTC brands that launch new items start with a Facebook ad campaign. You may also observe what things competitor firms are selling via their advertisements if you keep an eye on them. (Not to mention their ad copy and creatives.)


However, the only disadvantage of this strategy is that you must know the brand you want to hunt for ahead of time. However, if you’ve identified a firm that frequently launches new products, you can incorporate checking out their advertising using the Facebook Ads Library into your competitive research routine.




YouTube‘s unboxing videos have remained a staple on the platform. Interestingly, these can be a goldmine for figuring out what products are seeing rising demand in certain eCommerce areas. It may include cosmetics, electronics, fashion, and more. 


Make sure to take a peek at some of the most current or viral videos as well. Keep an eye out for videos with a high amount of views that are relatively fresh and unique. These videos can occasionally add gasoline to the fire for a product that is just beginning to gain traction.


Final Takeaways


That concludes our list of ways for finding trendy things to sell.

One thing to bear in mind as you go through this list is that no single technique will likely suffice. Moreover, you normally have to cast a wide net to uncover those truly hidden treasures. That involves using a combination of these strategies at the same time. Make sure to explore more to stay ahead in the online competition. 



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