Open a Second Account on Amazon: A Brief Guide

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Open a Second Account on Amazon: A Brief Guide


Many individuals eventually wish to opening a second amazon seller account. There may be a variety of causes for this. 


If the seller has reason to believe that the original product may not sell well or that its quality may have an impact on the metrics of his or her main account. 


For instance, he or she may check another product on a new account with a purpose that is fundamentally different from the one for the main product or there may be a wish to spread out the risk and disperse the items to many accounts, preventing a complete halt in sales in the event that there are issues with the account.


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How to open a second amazon seller account?


Utilizing multiple amazon seller accounts is against Amazon’s selling policies. You may, however, open a second account if you have a valid business reason, but it must be maintained separate.


How to Properly Create Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts


You must have a compelling business necessity to register a second Amazon seller account. Amazon reserves the right to evaluate the legitimacy of the argument you offer. You must rigorously abide by these directions even if you have a legitimate business reason for a multiple seller account.


Each Seller Central Amazon account requires its own bank account. Amazon will not authorise multiple seller accounts that use the same bank account in the same area.


Each account’s sold goods and services must be unique.


Each seller account requires a unique email address.


Both your account and your performance metrics must be in good standing.


Guidelines for Opening Several Amazon Seller Accounts


Open a Second Account on Amazon


Having a second business that sells entirely distinct and varied product lines is typically a sign that you have a legitimate business rationale. 


Furthermore, it is advised that you adhere to the following best practices while creating your second account because Amazon will still suspend accounts for being related:


Separate IP addresses

Separate Credit Cards

● Separate business entities with different owners

Separate Telephones

Separate physical addresses

Separate Email Addresses

Separate points of contact

Separate EINs

Separate employees

Separate products

Separate warehouses

There must be no crossover whatsoever between the two accounts.

Separate Management

Separate domains and separate domain host


What to do if your Account Is Suspended?


Don’t try to appeal the suspension on your own if your account has been suspended. Moreover, you need to contact a professional. 


Only approximately 60% of these situations are successful, so it’s critical to provide Amazon with a clear course of action. A template or non-attorney should not be trusted. Contact an experienced Amazon seller lawyer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Opening a Second Account on Amazon 


Following we have discussed some crucial frequently asked questions (faqs) on opening a second account on amazon. Let’s learn:


Que 1: Can I have two Amazon seller accounts?


Ans: Amazon’s selling policies forbid the use of multiple seller accounts.


You may, however, open a second account provided you have a good business justification for doing so.


However, it needs to be kept apart. You need a good business purpose to create a second Amazon seller account.


Que 2:  Can I have many Amazon seller accounts?


Ans: You can have many seller accounts on Amazon, yes. However, a single bank account cannot be utilised for several seller accounts.


Que 3: Can a couple’s Amazon seller accounts be independent from one another?


Ans: A husband and wife can indeed each have their own Amazon seller account. The accounts must, however, be set up under the same name. This is so that Amazon will treat them as a single entity.


Que 4: Is it possible to have two accounts with the same number on Amazon?


Ans: There cannot be two accounts on Amazon with the same number.


Que 5: How many accounts on Amazon as a buyer are permitted?


Ans: One Amazon buyer account is the maximum allowed.


Que 6: I closed my Amazon seller account. Can I reopen it?


Ans: No. An Amazon seller account that has been closed cannot be reinstated. It is impossible to reinstate a closed Amazon seller account.


Que 7: Can I add a second email to my amazon account?


Ans: There must be a different email address for each seller account. Each account’s sold goods and services must be unique. Your account must be in good standing, as well as your performance metrics. 


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