PPC Scope vs PPC Entourage

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PPC Scope vs PPC Entourage


PPC Scope:


PPC Scope was founded by Brain Johnson, in 2015. He is also an Amazon Merchant and PPC Expert. PPC Scope tool always helps you to build your business no matter you are a new or expert. 


PPC Scope is an Ad Management software that is built for Amazon merchants. It’s basically an Optimization Process by which a merchant can apply to reliably launch successful campaigns timely. Merchants prefer this tool because they can increase sales and maximize profit by it. 


It is beneficial in Organizing, analyzing, and optimization of Amazon Sponsored Ads to boost its efficiency. Moreover, it lowers the advertising cost of sales (ACoS) so that you can earn maximum profit per ad spend. 


PPC Entourage:


PPC Entourage is the Founded by Mike Zagare in 2016. Its aim is to provide help to Amazon sellers to increase their sales and profit for Amazon’s business. It is recognized as a perfect tool for Amazon Merchants.


It is an Amazon PPC optimization Software that helps Amazon merchants optimize their sponsored ads to boost sales and drive business growth. This tool helps Amazon merchants in earning a massive return on investment from their Amazon PPC campaigns. 


1) As a Keyword Manager


Both the tools are used to monitor and utilize keywords to drive revenue. Let’s understand it.


PPC Scope


Keywords play an important role when we talk about the ranking of products. So they are essential components for the Amazon Sponsored Ads. So as a seller, you have to select the keyword very wisely because it enables shoppers to find your product.  


It provides the keywords which have low competition so you can bid on them. A merchant can also match their keywords directly by using Change Manager.


PPC Entourage


It helps a seller to obtain an extensive list of the most relevant keywords with high search volume. These keywords would be beneficial for you to create a compelling listing that will attract buyers to your product. 


It also provides the facility to monitor your keyword performance and merchants can adjust these keywords in such a way so it would be helpful to improve their listening continuously.


2) Sponsored Ads Optimization


PPC Scope


If the Sponsored ads do not drive conversion then a merchant can refuse to continue them. You can easily improve your PPC campaign with just a few clicks by using the campaign optimization tool provided by PPC. 


It helps in the identification of the best-performing keywords so that you can use them to improve your PPC campaign. The best thing is that it also monitors the non-performing keywords so that you can easily identify and remove them to reduce wasted ad spend.


PPC Entourage


This ad optimization tool improves and expands your sponsored product ad which makes it easy to increase sales and profit. It monitors your ads, additionally also highlights specific aspects that are causing a below-par performance, and allows you to optimize them. 


A merchant can save time and reduce advertising costs of sale by using the PPC Entourage. It allows merchants to automate processes including


Elimination of worst-performing search terms

Provide a  bid-price control


 3) Profit Margin Optimizer


PPC Scope

This feature is not included in the PPC Scope.


PPC Entourage

It helps sellers to improve their profit margins. A merchant can easily identify, track and optimize the elements of SKU due to which the profit margin can shrink.


4) PPC Tips


PPC Scope 

Free tips offered by the PPC Scope to merchants that help to achieve profitable campaign ads.


Reduce ad spend by removing undeformed search terms.

The procedure of converting search terms into keywords and more.

Reducing ad spend by removal of the keywords that are not generating the sales.

Learn how to block ads from showing against irrelevant search terms.


PPC Entourage


It provides a step to step guide to learn how to improve your business with Amazon PPC campaigns.


The blueprint series is completely free and include topics such as:


PPC Entourage campaign set-up

How to find seed keywords for your products

Optimizing your campaign and more

Setting up a proper structure for your campaign


If you are an online Amazon seller, then you must have an intelligent tool that will guide your business towards success by targeting the brand story, right keyword, products research, analyzing competitors, fba calculator and so much more. Get your ticket to success today!Asinwiser