Become PRO in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) With this Effective Guide

Become PRO in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) With this Effective Guide

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What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

AMS aka Amazon Marketing Services is the collective term for services offered by Amazon for sellers. It includes Amazon Display Ads, Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Headline Search. Such effective tools help to drive traffic and boost sales. 

It has become essential for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and sellers to utilize tools to stay ahead in the online competition. Furthermore, these tools help them to increase their products’ visibility and sales. In addition, AMS is the pay-per-click (PPC) or AdWords form platform on Amazon to increase their rank. It can be achieved with the help of strategic keywords. 

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is currently available in the UK, USA, and recently Canada. However, there includes one ad type (Amazon Sponsored Products) that is available to more countries. 

Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.

Amazon Sponsored Products

These are manual or automatic targeted ads. These are displayed on the right side and top/bottom of the Search engine results page. Sponsored Products assist customers to find and purchase items on Amazon with advertisements. 

Moreover, these display ads are visible on the noticeable positions on the first page of Shopping results. Also, Sponsored product ads help sellers to reach their targeted customers. It targets the customers who are looking for similar products as that of the seller. 

Moreover, Amazon Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads, which means you can only pay when customers click on them. In addition, you can set a bid-per-click limit. 

Lastly, Amazon Sponsored Products includes certain parties who are eligible for this type of ad. It includes vendors, sellers, agencies, Kindle Direct Publishing authors, and book vendors. Ultimately, your product should be eligible for the Featured Offer. 

Amazon Sponsored Brands

These are the cost-per-click (CPC) ads. It helps to add your own logo, custom headlines, and multiple products.

Sellers use Amazon Sponsored brands to enhance the visibility of their products. Further, it helps to increase brand awareness, reach the target audience, and more. Also, it helps to give your message by using custom headlines. Moreover, it provides access to Amazon shoppers to add your logo to a custom landing page or Amazon store. 

When customers click on the ads, they are directed to the products page. Certainly, those sellers are eligible for Sponsored Brands Ads who have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. It may include professional sellers, vendors, agencies, and book vendors. 

Amazon Sponsored Display

Firstly, sellers in this campaign chose the budget and product they want to reach their target audience. With Sponsored Display Ads, sellers can reach their customers beyond the Amazon platform. Further, this campaign helps to boost sales more efficiently. You may display ads on the product detail page or Amazon’s search results page. In addition, Sponsored ads are eligible for vendors and agencies enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. 

Points to Consider for Amazon Marketing Services

Here is the list of points to be taken under consideration for sellers to improve the campaign:

  • Research: It is important for sellers to research search terms of keywords that would work for their product. Then, it needs modifications every week on behalf of traffic, conversion, and profit. 
  • Budget: Sellers should allocate their ads budgets that meet the best strategy. 
  • Product: Sellers should choose the products that are high in demand. In case your ACOS is good that means your products are performing better and generating profits
  • Optimization: Amazon platform offers a data report. It is available in the Amazon Advertising section. Moreover, this report helps to analyze certain aspects. It includes good performing keywords, products, items list with better CTR & ACOS. 

Ultimately, Amazon Marketing Services works as a game-changer for online businesses. You can lead your business ahead in the neck-cutting competition with Amazon marketing services tools. 

We hope this article will guide you on services provided by Amazon Marketing in order to make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

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