7 Profitable Items to Sell in the Amazon Handmade Program

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7 Profitable Items to Sell in the Amazon Handmade Program 


Establishing an e-commerce store does not imply that you must find things to sell from a supplier. Do-it-yourself (DIY) products perform as well as those obtained through standard sourcing strategies across major online platforms. 


While many people think of Etsy when selling handmade things, however, you will love the idea of selling on Amazon.


We’ll go through the finest things to produce and sell on Amazon UK in this piece and how to choose a product that customers want.


Why is Amazon a Good Marketplace for Handmade Goods?


There are numerous reasons why Amazon is the greatest location to sell handmade goods. Let’s look at some of the most significant benefits:


Large Audience


Amazon has a huge following. Customers put millions of orders on the site, receiving billions of visitors each month. You can get your products in front of many buyers without paying for marketing when you sell your products on Amazon.


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Solid Profits


Selling your modest homemade things can result in substantial profits due to low production costs. Amazon charges a 15% commission, which is a small price considering all the marketplace benefits. Furthermore, there are no costs associated with listing your things.


Unlike eBay and Etsy, you can list as many things (even pricey ones) as you like without worrying about them going unsold.


Simple Order Fulfillment


Amazon provides the most effective order fulfillment for vendors. If you use Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon FBA service, the corporation will store, pack, and ship your items for you. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.


This will free up your time to work on your items because you won’t have to worry about these tasks. Plus, if you send your things through Amazon, your consumers will receive them fast and without trouble.


Amazon Handmade Program


Not only can you sell handmade things on Amazon’s main marketplace, but the business also has a dedicated program for crafts producers and vintage sellers called Amazon Handmade.


Customers can shop for cool and unique things on the program’s distinct marketplace. Amazon logistics allows your products to stand out from the crowd in the ordinary market by segmenting the markets.


You won’t have to pay the standard professional Amazon seller charge if you join the program. You’ll also need UPCs for your handcrafted products.


The Best Things to Make and Sell on the Amazon


Here are a few of the best Amazon product research ideas to design and sell:


1. Clothing (Merch)


Apparel is one of the most straightforward handcrafted things to sell on Amazon. Customers always want unique and imaginative merchandise, whether you sew the clothing fully yourself or screen print your design into the fabric.


2. Candles


Another simple thing to produce and sell is candles. You may learn how to make them from various videos available online. Plus, because these items are small and light, you may ship them to buyers for a minimal cost. You may make a big profit selling scented, beeswax, natural, or eco-friendly candles on Amazon.


3. Beauty


Beauty goods have always been a popular item to sell on Amazon marketplaces. This type of item lends itself well to handcrafting. You won’t need any special equipment; all you’ll need are some low-cost materials found in nature.


If you wish to sell these things, you’ll have to follow some legal criteria. You must, in particular, use a production environment that meets all FDA requirements.


4. Kitchen


Another popular Amazon niche ideas product is kitchenware. It’s a broad category that offers a wide range of crafts to manufacture and sell. Many merchants use their abilities to make various wood-based things—for example, paper towel rolls, bowls, utensil trays, and cutting boards.


5. Artwork


When you think of selling handcrafted stuff, one of the first things that come to mind is undoubtedly art products. There is always a great demand for distinctive and imaginative items, whether you paint them personally or utilize a digital program like Adobe Illustrator.


6. Games and Toys


Toys and games are excellent gifts for children and other family members. Another category where you can apply your skills to create various unique wooden or metal products is this one. Toy blocks, wooden vehicles, fidget spinners, and board games are wonderful examples.


7. Pet


Pet owners are purchasing more stuff for their animals than ever before. People love to indulge their dogs, and Amazon is the place to go for goodies. Clothes, snacks, toys, furnishings, collars, and hygiene supplies are fantastic pet goods to sell for money.




Some of the best items to manufacture and sell on Amazon are listed in this article. The marketplace can provide you with all you need if you’ve been looking for a means to make income from your artistic content. Just ensure you conduct thorough market research before spending time crafting your products.


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