Proven Tactics to Boost Sales on eBay

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Proven Tactics to Boost Sales on eBay


There aren’t many online sites that boast nearly 175 million active purchasers globally, but eBay did in the first quarter of 2020. Achieving even a quarter of this number would be a significant accomplishment. 


Creating an eBay page is easy, but you’ll have to pay attention to the specifics if you want to sell more. Learning what drives some eBay companies to the top of the sales listings is crucial for improving eBay sales. Use these techniques to get your eBay page to the top of the search and boost your sales immediately!


1. Make a new list every day


Shops that are dynamic and consistently promote sales are appreciated. Because the eBay algorithm rewards sellers who add new products frequently, making your listings updated will help you increase your sales. If you can’t list daily, utilize the scheduling tool to plan goods for days you understand you won’t have time to list.


2. Try a boosted listings campaign on eBay


Sponsored listings on eBay are a quick and straightforward approach to boost your eBay sales. Promoted listings get 36 per cent more views than SEO, thanks to fantastic targeting tools that show your listings to targeted shoppers. The expenses of promoted listings on eBay are also attractive to sellers. Rather than paying per click up front, sponsored listings require eBay to take a share of the sale. This is ideal for reducing risk while exploring a new marketing strategy. However, the amount you’ll pay eBay will vary based on the classification of the item you’ve sold.


3. To gain views, use keywords


On eBay, customers typically look for highly particular things. Consider what terms customers are likely to use in a search engine to find what you’re selling. Also, do some research to determine what kinds of queries people are using to find your products. It’s critical to include three to four keywords in your store overview, custom categories, page names, meta tags, picture alt tags, and other places. However, keyword spamming (using terms or facts that have nothing to do with your items) is against eBay’s rules.


4. Ship quickly and for free


Another excellent strategy to boost eBay sales is to provide free delivery – but only after you’ve double-checked the pricing. Examine the possibilities provided by your region’s mail service. Small and portable items can generally be sent for a set fee, which speeds up eCommerce shipping. 


You can cover the shipping costs without adding delivery charges if you include that in the price. Customers prefer to know that the items they ordered are on their way as quickly as possible, so establish a system that guarantees prompt delivery. For instance, you can save time by sending your goods every day or every week. Check out eBay’s delivery choices to see what the marketplace has to offer.


5. Remove any negative feedback


It takes more than a slew of five-star reviews to earn a favourable rating. You must also minimize the bad ones! Quick and efficient customer service, like the preceding principles, goes a long way to help. However, there will be times when you receive a negative review — it’s all part of the online retail experience. Perhaps the incorrect order was sent, the merchandise was damaged in transit, or the buyer mistakenly posted a review for the damaged products! You’ll be shocked how much your eBay sales increase if you can lessen your negative comments.


6. Obtain the status of eBay’s Top Rated Seller


You may be qualified just to be an eBay best-rated seller if you consistently give exceptional customer service and speedy shipping. If you don’t satisfy the requirements, you should strive towards it because it significantly boosts your eBay sales. Top-rated eBay sellers are eligible for various incentives, including enhanced coverage for their listings, a $30 credit toward featured listings every quarter, and delivery discounts when using eBay labels.


7. Provide a flexible return policy


When you’re thinking about buying something, a stringent return policy is a significant turnoff. If you buy a cardigan and aren’t sure about the measurement, you’re taking a considerable risk. If it does not fit, you risk losing your cash. eBay offers a Return Policy for things that do not arrive, are inferior in quality, or do not match the listing. Outside of such conditions, however, you, as the seller, have the option of offering returns or not.


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