Reasons why your Amazon Account is Suspended

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2020 has been an excellent year for the eCommerce business, especially to become Amazon sellers. With the consumers locked inside their homes, store visits shifted to eCommerce websites. At the same time, the majority of Amazon fba private label sellers earn marginal profit. But many third-party sellers’ Amazon accounts get suspended. Amazon suspension risks their income and reliability. However, this is not a moment to panic just because you got a suspension. Allow us to guide you through why your account went under suspension not to experience the same in the future. 

In this blog post, we will break down the top five reasons why Amazon suspended your account. We hope you will sincerely consider all the points which we will share with you.

1. Sale of Restricted Products

Amazon has a strict seller’s policy for listing the products. If a seller sells the products from the restricted category, your account is at high risk of getting suspended. Amazon’s policy states that “The sale of illegal, insecure, or other restricted products listed on pages, including products available only by formula, is strictly prohibited.” To avoid unwanted stress and obstacles, we recommend checking Amazon’s seller policy thoroughly before product listing.

2. Copyright Infringement

Another reason that can lead to the Amazon Seller account suspension is copyright infringement. This means that the seller is using someone else’s images or text for the Amazon product listing. This is a complicated matter, and the rightful owner can launch a complaint against you on Amazon. To avoid this, sellers must seek proper permission from the owner to use images and text. 

3. Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Sellers fail to abide by Amazon’s policy of operating multiple seller accounts without Amazon’s prior approval. If you have a valid reason and need a second account, then you can apply for it. Although many Amazon sellers may have a legitimate business need for a second account, they fail to follow the procedure. They do not seek permission from Amazon before opening second accounts. Amazon closely monitors reports using the same IP address or associating accounts based on a Seller’s use of the same bank info, email, Tax ID, or physical address. The seller should avoid accessing their account from multiple CPUs or networks.

4. Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate

The pre-fulfilment cancellation rate is the ratio of the total number of order cancellations accepted by the seller before the shipment is confirmed to the total number of orders in that period of interest. This rate is an essential factor that decides the seller’s performance and results from poor inventory management. The rate of cancelled orders before it is shipped should not be higher than 2.5%.

5. Amazon Policy Violation

Amazon follows strict seller guidelines to prevent fraud and finally keep its customers happy. If a seller meddles in their policies or terms of service, you can expect an immediate suspension. Though some rules are doable and others are strict, every seller must abide by them. These rules are made to avoid any prohibited and illegal activities such as hacking.


Amazon account suspension is one of the worst things a seller encounters if not following Amazon policy and guidelines. It’s a seller’s responsibility to save your account and solve the problem to save time and a large amount of energy waste.

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