Restricted Products on Amazon: Details, Policies & Violations

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Restricted Products on Amazon: Details, Policies & Violations


You surely might have heard of restricted products on Amazon that online sellers cannot sell without following certain rules. Amazon aims to ensure that its customers have the greatest possible shopping experience


Therefore, to assist with this, Amazon has put in place additional security safeguards for products that sellers may easily misuse or mislead.


In this article, we will cover all the elements related to restricted products on Amazon. Its associated details, policies, and violations. 


Restricted Product Qualification 


Amazon does not have a standardized definition of what defines a limited production as the restrictions vary from product to product. 


They do, however, have some general qualities that we should keep in mind while we research products.


Moreover, if you’re selling Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Then, you need to check out Amazon’s FBA Product Restrictions to determine which items aren’t allowed to be sold through FBA.


Amazon’s restricted categories are divided into three categories to safeguard its billions of unique monthly shoppers:


Collectibles with stringent condition criteria; 

High-quality expert items; and 

State and/or federally regulated goods.


List of Restricted Products on Amazon  


Following is the list of restricted products on Amazon that you should know before selling online. Let’s check: 


Composite Wood Products

Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care

Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, and Gift Cards

Dietary Supplements

Drugs & drug paraphernalia


Explosives, Weapons, and Related Items

Export Controls

Food & Beverage


Animals & Animal-Related Products

Art – Fine Art

Art – Home Decor

Automotive and Powersports

Subscriptions and Periodicals

Surveillance Equipment

Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products

Gambling & Lottery

Hazardous and Dangerous Items

Human Parts & Burial Artifacts

Jewelry & Precious Gems

Laser products


Lock Picking & Theft Devices

Warranties, Service Plans, Contracts, and Guarantees

Other Restricted Products

Refrigerants: Ozone-Depleting Substances and Substitutes

Medical devices and accessories

Offensive and Controversial Materials

Pesticides and Pesticide Devices

Plant and Seed Products

Postage Meters & Stamps

Recalled Products

Recycling electronics


Products are also banned if they meet the following criteria: 


Before you may list in a category, it must be approved by Amazon.


Before you can list in a category, you must supply further information and/or a supplemental guarantee.


Products that claim to be “FDA cleared” or “FDA approved” (as well as those that have the FDA logo in their listing photographs) are misleading.


Additional product limitations to think about:

In the state of California, certain products are subject to additional regulations.


If you want to list your company globally, you must be aware of and follow the laws and regulations of each country.


Apply to getting Ungated on Amazon 


Simply follow the procedures below to see if you and your product are eligible:


Log in to your Seller Central account first.


Click the ‘Inventory’ tab towards the top-left of the screen once you’re on your homepage.


Select ‘Add a Product’ from the dropdown menu.


Then look for the item you want to sell.


Then, to the left of the product information, click on ‘Show limits.’


Finally, you will either be able to start the application process by clicking the ‘Request Approval’ option, or you will receive a notification stating that you are not approved and that applications are not being accepted.


Consequences to Violate the Restricted Rules


The infringement of Amazon’s policies is taken extremely seriously. Furthermore, you neeed to consider the following repercussions if you’re deciding whether or not to disobey their rules:


It’s possible that your listings will be removed.


Your listing privileges may be restricted.


It’s possible that your listing rights will be revoked.


Your listing privileges may be revoked entirely.


It can be tough to get reinstated once Amazon takes disciplinary action against you.


Moreover, complying with all of Amazon’s laws and regulations is the safest course of action.


Hope this article helped you to clear all your doubts regarding restricted products and their related rules and violations.



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