Selling Books on eBay Lessons for Beginners[2022 GUIDE]

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With over 183 million active customers, the eBay platform is the leading online marketplace. And, if you are planning to sell books on eBay, it’s the right strategy. 

If you are a beginner and want to master the selling business online, this article is for you. 

It will help you to learn how to create your account and sell books on eBay business accounts and related concepts. Read till the end to know all. 

How to Create your Account?

Step 1: Register

You can easily register your account on eBay. Click on the option to register or sign up on the main eBay website. Then, register yourself and eBay will guide you with the further processes. 


Moreover, eBay offers an option to create your business account. It will be your official business account and you need to provide your official company or brand name. 

Step 2: List Items

On the top of your account page, tap on the ‘Sell’ option. Then, you have will see a list of categories of certain items that you want to sell. Then, choose ‘Books’.


Now, list the books’ ISBN, which you can easily get in the publisher or cover of the book. After this step, you have to input additional information about the books. It includes quality, details, book description, and more. Also, you need to fill up the book’s price.

Step 3: Buy Now or Auction

You can determine the books’ price ahead of the sale. In this way, customers can buy a book directly without taking part in any auction.

Step 4: Payment, Shipping, Returns

When filling out all details, eBay will ask you to consider policies that will determine your profitability, customer satisfaction, and eBay feedback.

Payment: eBay introduced payment management to sellers. Also, the eBay platform permits to offer payments via card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal methods. 

Shipping: Sellers have to specify some important details here. It includes dispatch time, delivery services, and more. It is necessary to note that around 71 percent of products on eBay are shipped for free. However, in case you are selling heavy or large items, it would be risky. Though, in such instances, sellers can offer customers a combined shipping method. 


Returns: Sellers can mention if they accept returns or not. In case, you do accept returns, then you have to mention the day’s availability and shipment costs. However, the return policy also determines customers’ trust and comes on top of eBay search results. So, make sure to plan for that. 

What types of books to sell?

Books on eBay could range from children’s books to non-fiction. As a seller, you have to plan which book would be more profitable and better than others. Here is the list that you can consider:

  • Decor Books: Most people use decorate books with a classic look to match their traditional house. If you have a unique appeal book to sell, make sure to list it under the decor category. 


  • Textbooks: You might be well aware of the fact how expensive textbooks can be. So, it’s a bonus for sellers to sell them at a much lower price and can still earn satisfactory profit. Also, it would be great if you have the newer edition and up-to-date books. They are worth selling on eBay. Moreover, make sure to include preparation books for exams. 


  • Old Magazines: Selling vintage books, old-edition books, old magazines could end up bring you profits. Many people collect old magazines so you can explore this specific part of books too. 


  • Rare Books: If you have any rare or unique books, your books business will definitely flourish. Also, eBay is the best place to sell something unique. Moreover, with less competition, you can sell books on eBay at a higher price. 


  • Bibles: There is always a demand for bibles on eBay. Customers search for old or classic bibles. Also, if vintage or older the bible is available then you will have more customers and profit.

Wrapping up

There are certain benefits of selling books on eBay. With millions of readers around the world, you can provide your services to them. Moreover, eBay has the potential to connect your selling services around the globe. We wish you luck with your book business.

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