Seven tips to optimize your Amazon Store for mobile

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Selling on Amazon is an incredible way to earn a profit, but it is also extremely competitive to leave your mark on the audience. Not every brand can afford to lose out on traffic to stay competitive and gain an edge over competitors.

Certainly growing your business on Amazon can not happen overnight, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Even Amazon didn’t have everything served on a silver platter. 

A study reveals that Amazon’s second-biggest market in the United Kingdom and happens to be the dominant e-commerce marketplace. Moreover, most of Amazon’s users are mobile application users. Also, statistics shows, Amazon had the most visited on mobile phones with about 36,000 unique visitors. For this reason, it is vital to optimising your storefront. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss some best practices for mobile optimisation for an Amazon storefront.

What is an Amazon store?

An Amazon Store is a brand’s website on the Amazon marketplace for the brands to display their collection. This is a feature that can be used by brand owners and is completely free. This is a completely deeply engaging characteristic that serves brands to drive sales and attain consumers’ trust.

Amazon Storefront is completely customizable and can demonstrate best-selling products. Amazon stores tell your brand story and promote your brand more widely than you have imagined. As an Amazon seller or vendor, you can customize storefronts to showcase brand and product variety. 

Why is it important to create a store for a mobile?

Creating your own Amazon Store on a Store Builder and optimizing Store pages for mobile. Amazon storefront enables you to construct a mobile-optimized Store experience for consumers as you build or update your Store. Amazon Storefront enables customers to learn more about your brand and see all your products in one place. 

Because of the screen size difference between a desktop and a mobile screen, sometimes a design is readable on a desktop but not on mobile. Despite the fact that Stores as a matter of course will adjust images for different screen sizes. But don’t worry if you don’t know how to optimize your Amazon store for mobile.

Here are seven tips to optimize your Amazon Store for mobile

1. Product Placement

On the mobile, the space above the fold is limited; this means that where you place your products is of the utmost importance. We recommend that you put your bestsellers at the top of the pages to help consumers find what they’re looking for and be drawn to the products you know how to sell! It’s not just about how you put your products on the pages, but also how you organize your Amazon Store listings. 

By organizing your products into appropriate categories and consumer weak spots (the consumer problem is your product solves) you will help consumers navigate your brand and bestsellers. On mobile, this appears like a hamburger menu in the upper right corner and will help shoppers navigate your products. 

2. Optimize your images

As Amazon begins to expand its mobile capabilities for stores, which means that you can now download mobile image options for certain modules. When these are in place, it means that a version of the image will appear on the desktop while the mobile-optimized design will appear on mobile and an app. This hasn’t been fully implemented by Amazon yet, but it shows that they see the potential on mobile devices and you want to help brands optimize their storefronts. While this will not be the case for the forms you want to use on your Amazon Store, it’s important to take note of how your images look on mobile devices. Make sure all images are visible and readable. Any text that is too small to read is a wasted opportunity to tell your brand’s story.

3. Use the video

Viewers keep 95% of a message in video format, compared to 10% when they read it. in text form: that’s a huge increase! This not only shows that the video is more efficient but also more watched. 70% of YouTube videos are watched on a mobile device and 90% of Twitter videos are. 

When using a mobile device, people are more likely to watch a video because it looks more viral and resembles social media. It will inspire people to learn more about your products and your brand. 

4. Use the Hero Banner 

It is the first thing consumers see when they visit your Amazon store. For this reason, you need to make sure you get the most out of this space. Key things to include: Your logo Your brand colours, your USPs Note that on mobile devices, the banner appears smaller to fit the screen, so make sure the text you include is large enough to read.

5. Tell your story

Amazon Storefront should not be inundated with a copy as it is a place to just display all of your products, that said, it is important that the copy you use highlights what the products are, their benefits, presents the story of your brand and includes important keywords. 

If your brand has a truly inspiring message, story, or story that’s important to tell consumers about, we recommend that you create an About Us page. This will help you focus your message in one place and provide the space to tell your story without distracting consumers from your products.

6. Always double check

Amazon offers two types of previews when you create an Amazon store: desktop and mobile. Publish your store, check how it looks on mobile. Make sure the copy doesn’t overlie where it shouldn’t, that all images are clear and readable. Also, check that it works and everything to make sure what works on your desktop also works on mobile. 

7. Getting an Amazon URL 

An Amazon storefront is the only way to get your brand domain name. This URL is a great way to advertise your store and attract consumers to your products, especially if you don’t have a stand-alone e-commerce store. 

Mobile optimization doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require a good eye for design and someone who understands UX, layout, and navigation, along with hands-on skills in content.

Final Takeaway

If getting visitors to find your products from a vast sea of competitors is half the battle, and knowing how to put Amazon product listings are undoubtedly a huge good point. 

We desire you to find the above seven useful tips because competition can be violent on Amazon, Therefore it is important to make sure your products stand out above the rest.


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