SmartScout: Features, Pros, Cons, and Should You Choose it?

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What is SmartScout?

SmartScout is an Amazon research tool that facilitates key metrics on products from different categories and subcategories. You can use this tool as an Amazon product advertising API documentation tool. Through this, Amazon wholesalers can enhance the brand and explore various online arbitrage deals. It is an Amazon wholesaling tool that has been out there for a while and can provide you with ASIN traffic data as well. Here, you can use the tool as an FBA revenue calculator. 

As an Amazon Scouts user, you can build advertising campaigns based on the information obtained from the platform. 

However, the question that remains is, is SmartScout worth it? 

Are there other Amazon product research tools to help create your FBA success story by using Amazon store API? 

Well, without wasting any more time, let’s dive deep into what SmartScout offers!

SmartScout Features

Here are some of the features available on SmartScout that make it different from other tools like Tactical Arbitrage.

1. Offers Category and Brand Research

By using this tool, you can perform category and brand research. Here, you can delve into’s all product categories too.

Well if you might be wondering what is wholesale, it is one of the best ways for you to gain higher revenue and generate profit. For that purpose, you can use online arbitrage tools like Smart Scout.

It will help you in getting an overview of your monthly income estimate, competitors, top sellers, brand quality, medium sales price, and other relevant information. You can use the tool as an Amazon review software to help distinguish between a private label vs a brand.

Besides, it can act as an Amazon seller fees calculator, FBA profit calculator, and find the top 1000 Amazon sellers.

2. Creates a Seller Map

This is one of the unique features available on SmartScout, where you get the opportunity to find the location of different sellers. Through this, you can obtain clarity on the scarcity of in-demand products. By doing so, you can acquire a competitive edge while working with other sellers.

3. Helps with Amazon Product Research

With this tool, you can find information from in all product categories as it is one of the best online arbitrage tools. Here, the software integrates the Amazon database and provides details on the performance of different products. Through this, you can understand the products you can include in your listing as an Amazon FBA reseller. It will help make logical decisions and know more about Amazon product taxonomy.

4. Perform Brand and Seller Research

By using this tool, users can get more information than from fulfillment by Amazon revenue calculator. Besides, since these tools are legitimate, there aren’t any chances of your Amazon account getting suspended.

Here, you can look into the brand and different sellers. By using this feature, you can find out how to search for a seller on Amazon. However, it is a feature available on all leading Amazon sourcing software tools like Asinwiser, Helium 10 UK, Tactical Arbitrage, etc. But, its features are better than other Amazon product research tool available for free.

5. Brand Score Analyzer

When you use this tool, you can access a list of best-selling products and their brands. Here, you can find out ratings for companies as well, which will help you in deciding if it is right to include a particular product or not. However, remember that it isn’t a free retail arbitrage app. 

6. Facilitates Flow Visualization

From calculating Amazon FBA profit to how to find wholesalers for Amazon FBA, you can use a tool like SmartScout for various purposes. But, among them, flow visualization is something that can be beneficial for users. Here, you can find out how traffic flows to Amazon and understand how Amazon recommendation works. Through this information available in the form of graphs, you can create your campaigns and strategies. It will help you generate quality Amazon paid ads and get great deals using Amazon store API. Besides, using this tool, you can use it as an Amazon FBA fee calculator app.

Using this tool, you can gauge information on products generating traffic and strategize your plan accordingly. You can gain a better understanding of white label products online and also find more on the difference between private label and brand.

Here, you can get proprietary traffic graphs with features like reverse engineering. You can acquire a better understanding of the analytical process and delve into its details by focusing on the Amazon database. Along with that, you gain the opportunity to know more about Amazon in-stock rates. Through this, you can move away from Amazon as a competitor while selling products on Amazon.

These are some of the unique features available on Smart Scout and would come as a benefit while being one of the Amazon scouts. It will assist you in becoming a smarter scout too!

By the way, before we dive into other factors associated with Smart Scout, which is an Amazon revenue calculator, let’s examine its prices.

SmartScout Pricing

Well, as you wonder how to do online arbitrage, you have options like JungleScout free trial and others. But, here, we will focus on Smart Scout, which is an excellent Amazon seller app for Windows, IOS, Linux, etc.

SmartScout is an Amazon FBA profit calculator and Amazon fees calculator that comes with other features. However, you have to remember that it is not a free Amazon profit calculator. It has three different pricing options, ranging from $97 to $297. Considering it closely, it is expensive, especially for a new Amazon seller to spend on an Amazon calculator FBA.

For a $97 SmartScout Starter pack, users get a traffic graph, FBA calculator, seller search, traffic flow, product research, brand search, product category, subcategory list searches, etc. Here, users can find answers to how to find wholesalers for Amazon FBA, where to buy wholesale items to sell on Amazon, etc. Besides, this plan is available for up to two users.

For a $197 SmartScout Pro, it acts as an Amazon product research tool that works for five users per month. Its price is more than Amz Scout pro price as well. Here, the tools received, in addition to the ones available on the Starter pack, are a personalized onboarding session, seller growth filter, and an export feature.

SmartScout Enterprise is a tool for ten users and is for $297. Through this Amazon revenue calculator tool, you can export Amazon listings to excel using the export feature. The features available on this tool is as the same as the SmartScout Pro. But, the only noticeable difference is in the number of users who can access the account.

While considering the pricing of this FBA calculator for Amazon, it seems to be pricier than most of its alternatives. Even though there are different packages, there isn’t any difference in the tools available with all these packages. So, it might not be the best option for all the Amazon resellers. However, it can be beneficial for establishments with several employees looking into enhancing the sales opportunities and becoming one of the top 1000 Amazon sellers.Asinwiser

Pros and Cons of SmartScout

Pros of Using SmartScout: 

1. SmartScout seems to have an excellent UI and UX.  

2. It provides information such as graphs and flowcharts, which can be highly beneficial in understanding the possibilities of a reseller. Similar to other Amazon merchant fulfilled calculators that can help you with where to buy wholesale items to sell on Amazon, this tool also fulfills the Amazon seller privacy policy. 

3. It is beneficial for those Amazon sellers who have more employees working for them. It is because it can act as an Amazon profit finder.

4. Using these tools, Amazon sellers can find wholesale suppliers for Amazon and connect with them.

5. While using SmartScouts, you get the benefit of accessing its free trial. It is noteworthy as many companies don’t offer it. However, it is available for seven days, and after that, you have to make the payment based on the plan you decide to have. SmartScout also offers a one-month risk-free deal, where you have the option to use the tool by paying the money. But, you can cancel it and gain a refund if you lack satisfaction with the product.

6. One of the tools worth trying on SmartScout is its competitor strategy maker. Here, you can observe other sellers in the market and understand their marketing as well as sales strategies. It is a feature highly beneficial for new sellers on Amazon FBA. Through this, they can strategize efficiently from the very beginning. But, the issue is that since the platform is a bit pricey, it can be beyond the budget for new creators.

7. Smartscout comes with a product search tool that helps you delve into the subcategories in detail. Through this, you can find all the relevant information you need on best-selling products on Amazon. Here, you can gain information on several products sold on Amazon.

These are some of the advantages or pros of using SmartScout for your Amazon FBA requirements. Yes, it can be a decent tool for you to kickstart your business as a reseller on Amazon. But, the truth is that several other competent tools offer much more advanced features. They include Jungle Scout, Tactical Arbitrage, Asinwiser, Amz Scout, etc. Well, let’s put a pin on this thought and discuss which will be the best option for you in some time.

Cons of SmartScout:

As discussed, SmartScout is an Amazon software that can make your life easier. But, we know that all the tools out there aren’t perfect. They have concerns we have to look into before finalizing if it is the right tool for you. Keeping that in mind, let’s move forward on the different cons associated with SmartScout.

1. SmartScout comes with a limited number of features. Unlike other tools, SmartScout doesn’t have all the tools to help you as an Amazon seller compared to other Amazon software tools. When using other alternatives, you can invest more to improve your return on investment.

2. Although it seems easy to use the SmartScout tool, there are different tabs on the dashboard. Here, you have to spend a lot of time undergoing training to use the software efficiently. However, when you are new to Amazon selling in general, it can be pretty overwhelming for you to give several hours learning a tool with minimal features. 

3. The pricing for SmartScout is a bit high when you compare it with other Amazon FBA tools. With such a high pricing range, they don’t offer as many features as others. For instance, you have to spend $97 for a basic plan, where there is only one seat available. Here, you can get up to 10000 searches per month. Besides, the features available are also low. If you want to have more features, you have to opt for the pro version. For this, you have to spend $187 per month. But, as a beginner, it can be challenging to set aside this much money for a tool that might help you in your business. If you are working on an enterprise level, your company can opt for an enterprise version. Here, you can get customized deals from SmartScout based on your requirements.

4. Keyword research is an integral part of gaining success in your Amazon reseller journey. It is because, similar to any search engine, Amazon also revolves around keywords. Since the tool doesn’t offer this feature, it can increase complications, especially when you kickstart your journey as an Amazon reseller.

By keeping these concerns in mind, you have to decide if SmartScout is the right tool. Remember that there are several other alternatives out there that can help you build your career without spending hundreds of dollars. 

Should You Choose SmartScout? Or Is There a Better Option?

Well, SmartScout is a good choice if you have a high budget and your main focus is on understanding the traffic and competitive edge. But, if you may ask, there are other tools that you can try. 

And one amongst them is Asinwiser, an intelligent tool for Amazon sellers. You can find more about this tool here and even opt for a free demo before you sign up! It is an impeccable solution for all your needs, including product research,  competitor research, fba calculator and profitability calculator.Asinwiser