Strategic Lessons to Follow from Amazon's Customer Service

Strategic Lessons to Follow from Amazon’s Customer Service

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“Excellent customer service matters; brands that are clear about their purpose and consistently deliver on this, experience better financial results, improved productivity and forge trusted relationships.” ~ Jo Causon, CEO at the Institute of Customer Service. 

For the past decade, Amazon has been named as the company with the best customer service score in the UK. It shows Amazon’s commitment to delivering the most rewarding experience to its customers. 

Now, it’s your turn to grow and redefine your business just like Amazon customer service. Here in this article, we have encompassed all the strategic points that amazon customer service implements. 

Adopt these below-mentioned Amazon customer service strategies to boost your business. Let’s start.

A Professional & Impeccable Team

The customer service team is considered the backbone of any business. Amazon aims to prioritize its focus on customers. Also, they personalize its service that meets customers’ interests.  

Therefore, the foremost focus should be to have a great customer service team.  A trained and professional customer service team is highly important to provide a spectacular customer experience. Moreover, each member of the team should have attributes and skills to manage their jobs as seamlessly as possible. 


There are certain factors that are to be considered when hiring customer service professionals. It includes great communication skills, patience, empathy, expertise, IT skills,  and more. Now, after a team is hired, they need to be trained well with the right tools. 


Furthermore, it is quite important to treat your team with respect, appreciation, and recognition. It helps to boost their morale and confidence will definitely be a bonus for business. 

Listen to Customers

Listening and addressing the concerns builds long-term relationships. This same formula goes for eCommerce businesses. Moreover, it also determines the future of any business as well. 

It is important to listen patiently to your customers and show empathy with their concerns. Also, address the root of their issue and understand it. Further, help or guide them and offer them solutions. 

Moreover, one of the central concepts of Amazon’s customer service business strategy is always to prioritize your customer. Your business is completely dependent on them.

Therefore, make sure to stay calm and patient when dealing with customers. Also, every customer is an individual so treat them with kindness and courtesy. Such actions cultivate the essence of providing a great customer experience. 

Respond Instantly

One of the customer-centric attributes is to acknowledge customers’ issues quickly and provide them with an instant solution. Moreover, in this digital world, most customers want resolutions within 24 hours. From chatbot to ticketing, customers want a prompt solution to their concerns. 

It is significant to make every customer feel as if they are the top priority. Every customer matters for a successful business. Therefore, addressing their issues on time and providing them the instant solution is a skill.

However, if in some cases, you need more time to resolve their concerns, you can politely ask them about it. And, in most cases, customers understand it and are allowed to give more time. 

Though, it is the duty of the customer representative to make sure to respond and provide solutions instantly. It will create a good impression and reputation of the business. 

Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.

CRM Platform System

Having the best tools for a business is a must. With a professional team and efficient tools, you can provide the best customer service experience. Furthermore, customers want prompt solutions to their concerns. Without the best tools, even a professional team would struggle to provide the answers. 

Therefore, it is crucial to use eCommerce CRM software to keep your customers and team on the same page. Also, there are certain advantages of CRM system usage. It includes:


  • Helps to provide each customers’ insight. It will help professionals to get all the customer’s details and needs. In this way, representatives can provide effective solutions to them. 
  • It is available and accessible for any device such as a tablet, mobile, desktop. It will allow customers to get in touch from anywhere and anytime. 
  • CRM system allows the customer representative team to coordinate with other teams. It will help to improve customer experience and boost sales & revenues. 
  • It also helps to engage customers in a more efficient manner.

Additional Information

Ensure customers that you are an expert with your skills that could resolve their concerns. It will ultimately help you with positive feedback for both customer service and business. Therefore, it is important to maintain positivity, serenity, and patience with dealing with customers. 

Also, a closing conversation is equally important as starting the conversion with customers. Ensure providing excellent customer interaction and make them feel cared for. Also, ask if they have any further concerns that needed to be addressed to avoid losing any ends. 

Moreover, respond with positive gestures such as having a great day, having a good evening ahead, or more. It will help to end the conversation on a friendly and positive note. 


Customer Service is a step-by-step journey that would help to evolve your business. Furthermore, continuously working to improve your business’s customer service will lead to boosting your sales, revenue, and business. Therefore, make sure to place honest efforts to reach the level of Amazon’s customer service. We wish you luck with your business ahead. 

We hope this article has lucidly mentioned the strategic points of Amazon Customer Service and points you can follow in order to make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

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