5 strategies every Amazon seller should follow in 2022

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5 strategies every seller should be following in 2022

According to statistics, Amazon UK is among the top three marketplaces with 273 sellers, with a surge of 24% from 221 in 2020.  

 Certainly, pandemic has changed the dynamic of eCommerce marketplace when it comes to selling products on Amazon. Yet, Amazon continues to be the most dominant marketplace out there. There are plenty of opportunities for sellers to explore. However, you need to be aware of strategies every seller should be following on Amazon in 2022.

 We have shared five strategies that you can easily employ to succeed as an Amazon seller.


  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

 Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the best-paid programs to help a seller become more profitable. This program allows qualified sellers to ship their products to the Amazon warehouse in advance, and at the time of purchase, amazon ships it to the customer. 

For Prime customers, free two-day shipping or free shipping is appropriately performed. Professional sellers as Prime members can only use Seller Fulfilled Prime to ship the orders. Hence, every seller should use this program and avail of its benefits.

  1. Product Images

 Images are a crucial element for selling products to online buyers. Even though Amazon has a stringent policy for product photos, i.e., every image must be of at least 1006 pixels with a plain white background. Yet sellers fail to comply with it. To be a successful Amazon seller, one must use a genuine and large-size product image. 

Most sellers are ignorant that product sales largely depend on the product description and image. Now is the right time if you are not paying much heed to the product’s image.

  1. A/B testing A+ Content

A+ Content is known to enhance brand content and is not available to every seller. This feature is only available to merchants and professional sellers to the brand registered through the Amazon Brand Registry process. 

To use this feature, you need to log in to your seller central account and navigate to the A+ Content Manager. Here, you will find your ASINs that pass for split testing. This will help you assess the type of content that resonates with your shoppers. Click on the A/B Test option to start creating your experiments.

  1. Manage Inventory 

Inventory management is essential for maintaining Amazon’s sales rank. Amazon assigns sales ranks to all products based on the arrival and quantity. Also, make sure to manage your Inventory in advance to avoid the chance of running out of stock because losing your annual sales ranks can adversely harm your business. Excess Inventory is always a good and wise idea if you sell your products under best distributors for amazon FBA. 

5 . Relevant Keywords

Keywords help customers directly take them to the product page without wasting their time. Therefore, sellers must practice the right keywords for their product descriptions to get more customers to the product page.

Also, Amazon SEO comes up with the product list and other relevant product research. Hence, avoid stuffing keywords in the title as Amazon search engines will deduct it, impacting your sales rank.


Key Takeaway

Amazon is a transparent e-commerce platform. But only the appropriate selling strategy can help you beat the competition and earn considerable profits. Practice those mentioned above to become an Amazon seller to take your business to unprecedented heights.

We hope this article helps your business. 

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