Five Strategies to Stop Hijackers from Hijacking Your Amazon Product List

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Five Strategies to Stop Hijackers from Hijacking Your Amazon Product List


What is Amazon listing hijacking?


An Amazon listing hijacking is when another vendor provides a fake version of your item on your listing that could decrease your sales and number of positive reviews. These knock-off products are available in the Buy Box of your catalog or in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section.


What distinguishes Amazon hijackers from Amazon resellers?


Don’t be alarmed if you notice offers in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” area of your ad. Amazon hijackers and Amazon resellers are definitely not the same.


Someone who buys your goods and then intends to resell them is a reseller, not a hijacker. The significant difference between hijackers and resellers is that hijackers sell a pirated version of your goods rather than a legitimate one.


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In most circumstances, an Amazon seller that takes over your listing will drop the cost of the product. For instance, if your product costs $50, they might offer it for $25. The pricing gap between an Amazon hijacker and an Amazon reseller can often assist you in identifying an Amazon hijacker.


Five actions to stop Amazon product listing hijacking


Your organization can utilize a few strategies to preserve your brand, sales, and revenue on the Amazon platform. The following are five effective strategies for preventing Amazon product listing hijacking:


1. Create an Amazon Brand Registry account for your company


One of the most effective strategies to avoid Amazon hijackers is to use the Amazon Brand Registry service. Your application, which you may start by logging into your Amazon Seller or Seller account, must include the following information: Your company’s name, trademark rights number, and a list of relevant product categories are all required. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.


If you’re not looking forward to the Amazon Brand Registry application procedure, you can always hire WebFX marketing experts for Amazon Brand Registry professional services.


2. Add your corporate identity to your market and product packaging


Your company should brand your merchandise in addition to the Amazon Brand Registry program. For example, you could include your logo and brand name on your goods and packages. Make it challenging for Amazon hijackers to reproduce your product and simple for customers to recognize the difference between yours and a knock-off.


3. Register your products as a trademark


Trademark your stuff if you haven’t already. When it relates to resisting Amazon listing hijacking, copyright is one of your finest weapons, so get one now. In most situations, trademark registrations and brand licenses in the United States take nine to eighteen months. Remember to sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry after you acquire yours.


4. Put your things together in a package


Product bundling might also help your firm avoid hijacking an Amazon product listing. You package many products together for customers with product bundling. So, if someone wants to take over your listing, they’ll have to work harder to copy it. Ensure your brand package makes sense if you choose to bundle your products.


5. Use your website to sell your stuff


Finally, it would help if you sold your things through your website. You’re not leaving the Amazon marketplace with this approach to preventing Amazon listing hijacking. Instead, you’re giving Amazon a reference to validate your ownership and get rid of the fraudulent third-party vendor. Some companies employ this strategy by creating a product description without having e-commerce capability.


However, if you want to increase revenue and profit for your firm, you need to allow potential buyers to visit your site and buy your product. People who find your brand through Google and other media will be more likely to purchase it. You’ve opened up a new revenue stream for your company.


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