The bizarre truth about counterfeiting on Amazon

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Do you know about 90% of consumers shop online on Amazon?

Yes, you heard it right. According to a report by Mintel, about 70% of UK customers visit this online retailer at least once a month, albeit only 17% of Amazon UK customers use this shopping platform on a weekly basis. This is a huge number that clearly indicates how successful Amazon as an eCommerce platform is in the United Kingdom.

Certainly, Amazon always strives to provide an honest shopping experience to their customers. Yet Amazon is not so reliable source even after securing a good spot in the eCommerce market. There are many “dupe,” “fake,” or “faux” products being sold on the online shopping portal.

Though the sale of counterfeit or inauthentic products including products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured, is strictly prohibited. Still, the consumers have reported many such experiences. Hence, counterfeits remain to be a growing problem. Despite all the efforts by Amazon of removing these products and take action against the seller that listed the product. There seems to be no end to this problem. 

What is Amazon Affiliates Anti-Counterfeit Policy?

Amazon Affiliate must not use phrases such as “dupe,” “fake,” or “faux” in connection with a brand or knowingly encourage counterfeit products or products that violate the intellectual property rights of others. If Amazon Affiliates fails to abide by this policy then it may result in suspension or termination of an account. This may further lead to funds being withheld, and other legal consequences.

What is Product Counterfeiting on Amazon?

Product counterfeiting is a form of consumer cheating when a product is sold, claim to be something that it is not. This is very much different from the crime of copy-right violation, which involves the unauthorized transfer of licensed material, such as pirated copies of eBooks.

Anti-counterfeiting measures by Amazon

Anti-counterfeiting measures are used to prevent, detect and control counterfeiting activities on their shopping portal. These are different categories of smart packaging associated approaches which include the use of smart covert and overt technology. These smart packaging-related anti-counterfeit technologies are stand-alone systems and introduce a vulnerability.

Anti-counterfeiting on online markets functions by brands or brand protection specialists finding the counterfeits themselves and to Amazon. Amazon then further takes the case to a review and judge whether the product is actually counterfeit or not.

How to report a counterfeit seller on Amazon?

To report counterfeiting activity on seller Amazon, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to Report Abuse.

2. Select violation type.

3. Provide concerned Order ID or ASIN/ISBN, as applicable.

4. Submit

Consistent with Amazon’s commitment to protecting intellectual property rights, Amazon does not allow the use of the terms “dupe,” “fake,” or “faux” in connection with a brand name to describe an item.

Sellers on Amazon are not allowed to list products that infringe trademarks including logos, copyrights or patents, or describe their products in a way that would cause customer confusion or otherwise infringe another person’s rights. 



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