The Top 10 Online Book Shopping Alternatives to Amazon

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If you would like to shop books online, Amazon is the most well-known brand. It is, however, far from perfect. Other online bookshops are frequently less expensive and specialize in specific genres. As a result, we’ve gathered a list of the best Amazon alternatives to give you more choices when it comes to buying books…

1. Powell’s Books

Based in Portland, Oregon, this bookshop has a real presence in different locations throughout the city and a web page that provides services to those of us who do not live in Portland. The site is simple to navigate and well-organized. There are new and used books and apps, CDs, and DVDs to be found there. To assist you in making wise choices, look under “Staff Picks” for suggestions to help you determine which books to read next, including monthly picks and bucket list books. Powell’s also allows you to sell your books both online and in person.

2. Books-A-Million

BAM (Books-A-Million) first opened its doors in 1917 in Alabama. It is now the United States’ second-largest book retailer. It has had physical locations as well as an online bookstore in recent years. BAM has a large selection of new, used, and bargain books, many of which have enticing price tags. On the official site, you’ll also find toys, game consoles, and magazines, as well as ebooks. The most significant disadvantage of BAM is the lack of support for self-publishing. If you like to trade books with other readers, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

3. Alibris

This eCommerce website relies solely on third-party booksellers to function. That means that when you pick up a book from Alibris, you’re supporting a small business. This makes the marketplace ideal for those looking for used, rare, or collectible books, including first editions, rare book titles, and signed copies. The website prides itself on offering book discounts in vouchers, student discounts, and even a section dedicated to $0.99 titles. All items on Alibris come with free shipping.

4. The Peach Pit

Peachpit is a Pearson brand that sells books, ebooks, and other educational resources to people who work in the creative industries. You’ll find all you need to get launched with Adobe Software, academic materials for web designing, and video-making guides, among other things. This bookstore sells printed books and offers online classes and digital materials for learners on the go. The website even has a blog where community members share their thoughts on software, gadgets, and living a digital lifestyle.

5. Barnes & Noble

With over five million titles from which to choose countless physical bookstores, Barnes & Noble is one of the leading internet book retailers. It’s also one of the best non-Amazon online bookstores. If you want to buy many things at once without paying a lot of money for shipping, Barnes and Noble is a good option; shipping is free once you reach the $35 minimum order threshold. You have 14 days to return your books if you are not satisfied.

6. Valore Books

Valore Books excels in textbooks and is an online bookstore. It’s a fantastic way to cut costs on textbooks by acquiring used copies and older editions. The website also provides book rentals and buybacks at even lower prices. Both features allow you to save money while also expanding its stock of leasable books for other users. There are no non-textbooks for sale. Give this store a miss if you want to read fiction.

7. BetterWorldBooks

BetterWorldBooks isn’t just a retailer; it’s also a nonprofit on a mission to improve literacy worldwide. Apart from buying and selling books, the company also accepts book donors, which it either reuses or recycles for global literacy initiatives. There’s a lot to choose from in both new and used book categories, which can be searched by genre. Many of the best new books, as well as classics, can be found here. Free shipping is also available, as well as a generous return policy.

8. ThriftBooks

ThiftBooks is one of the top online bookshops for cheap and used books, with some of the best prices available anywhere. The company is, in fact, the most significant private bookseller in the world. Every used book in the platform’s inventory is hand-graded, so you’ll know what you’re getting before clicking the buy button. ThirftBooks has an impressive selection of books. This is due in part to the high number of users who donate books. However, the company’s partnership with libraries is primarily to blame. They send many ex-library books to ThirftBooks, which then sells them to consumers at bargain prices.

9. AbeBooks

AbeBooks is one of the best places to find rare and unique books that you won’t find on Amazon. You’ll also find links to art and other collectibles, as well as used textbooks at the top of the page. The college textbook market is a massive ripoff, as any American student knows, so the potential to get your hands on second-hand course material is a huge plus. AbeBooks was founded in 1996, so you’re dealing with a company with nearly two decades of experience. The site’s independent sellers hail from all over the world.

10. Biblio

Biblio is our final book-buying suggestion outside of Amazon. It focuses on used, rare, and out-of-print books from individual booksellers, so the titles you’ll find there aren’t likely to appear in Amazon’s bookstore. The website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and ensures that all of its global shipments are carbon-neutral.


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