This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Brick And Mortar Stores Vs Amazon

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While online marketplaces such as Amazon give the impression of being designed for the new digital-first model of commerce i.e; Amazon Go stores. Undoubtedly, Amazon has always been known to be a step ahead and this time the competitor game in introducing artificial intelligence to retail shopping. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic as some traditional brick and mortar retailers have failed to earn profit and adapt new sales and fulfilment strategies to meet exceptional new levels of online order volume. 

But Amazon knows its jobs better and who its customers are, where they live and what they wish to purchase. This will empower retailers to design where the next stores would be and what those stores will have in the stock.

Shopping at Amazon Go stores has become one of the safest shopping options for groceries delivered directly to your doorsteps. To leverage the benefit of Amazon Go stores; the first step is to download the Amazon Go App, which is now available on Apple and Android for UK users. Consumers are in the first place motivated to store on Amazon by low prices, free shipping, and others.

In spite of the fact that moving into bricks and mortar retail by Amazon could assist the traditional way by providing a new shopping experience that consumers should embrace over time. It also means that the retail experience of the future will engage fewer people.

It can be said that customer preferences have evolved in the COVID-19 pandemic. If retailers want to survive this competition, they will need to embrace the innovations of an omnichannel strategy. Let’s dive in and understand what the fuss is about. 

Why Do Customers Purchase from Amazon Online store?

1. Apart from the ability to compare product specifications and browse reviews, online shopping has several other advantages:

2. Being able to shop 24/7

3. Online shopping enables the customer to compare prices and find the best possible deals.

4. Going to a store for shopping can be time-consuming, particularly if it involves visits to multiple stores in different locations.

5. Many people dislike crowds, cashier lineups, etc. and prefer to shop from home.

6. Sometimes it is hard to find items that are much easier to source online.

7. Free shipping is available from online retailers. 

Why Customers Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Shopping?

1. Customers are able to physically interact with products before buying, in particular with personal products such as clothes, cosmetics, furniture, etc. or with groceries that require to be checked for quality and freshness. 

2. Products can be received without delay rather than waiting for shipping. 

3. Customer service: Here customers get to speak directly to a sales representative and get further information and advice about products or services. 

4. Avoiding the hassle and complexity of reverting undesirable products much faster and easier to return a defective or unwanted product in-store rather than shipping back to an online retailer.

5. The experience: Many people enjoy a shopping outing in retail stores, often with spouses or friends and in connection with other activities including dining or having quality time.

How Can Small Businesses Take Advantage of Online and In-store Shopping Trends?

In today’s marketplace, all substantial brick-and-mortar retailers have made a strong online presence. Even for small brick-and-mortar businesses, deciding whether or not to spend the time and effort to expand its online sales. However, most people fail to understand how businesses search on the internet. That’s why your business should always have a strong online presence, even if it is a simple website containing your address and contact information, or maybe just a brief description of your product or services offered.

If you decide to sell your products online then you don’t have to bear the trouble and expense of setting up a detached e-commerce website. Selling via Amazon is a third party, is all relatively simple and serves as inexpensive ways to get into online sales.

Whether or not you have an online strong presence, hence the best approach to competing with online eCommerce stores is to establish long-term relationships with your customers by offering excellent customer service. 

Without any customer assistance or the ability to make an effort on a product in advance. The only alternative for an online shopper is ordering a product and anticipating it fits and is suitable.

In conclusion

There is no secret that Amazon has set up a convenient and efficient shopping experience that’s arduous to match. Hence, by developing a deep understanding of how your customers find you. You can focus more on your resources or on the areas that will have the greatest impact. This means producing buying and selling changes, offering customers an incentive for more product reviews, improving the mobile experience, offering free shipping, investing in new 3rd party data sources, or trying new ad types.



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