Tips and Tricks for eBay Search Engine Optimization 2022

Tips and Tricks for eBay Search Engine Optimization 2022

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Want to get heavy traffic towards your products and services? Then you are in the right place. 

SEO is an important aspect when you are selling your products on eCommerce platforms such as eBay. This eBay search engine optimization strategy will help you to get customers’ attention, traffic, sales, and more. Let’s study this guide to learn in detail. Let’s start.

6 Tips and Tricks for eBay Search Engine Optimization

Here are the tips to follow for eBay search engine optimization:

1. Avoid Stuffing Keywords 

Many sellers stuff long-tail keywords in their product’s titles that could be effective to only some extent. You have to select the accurate keywords for your product’s title because stuffing them might backfire. However, you can ass primary or focus keywords in the title and then add related keywords in the description. Stuffing will affect your ranking on the eBay search list. 

2. SEO Optimized 

Customers search on Google the most. Therefore, it would be beneficial to incline Google’s SEO as well. Also, try to make your titles unique but in the simplest manner. Avoid using hard words in your title tags. Make sure to incorporate better words in your product’s description instead of cramming titles. 

3. Using Images 

“Pictures say thousand of words.”

Add clear and high-quality images to your products. Also, make sure that uploaded images represents your item from all angles. Use a product’s image that showcases certain features and customers become aware of it. Most of your product sales would highly depend on the product’s image.

So, make sure to use the perfect ones. 

4. Unique Identifiers 

It helps search engines to direct customers to the right products. Moreover, buyers love to reach their desired products without wasting time exploring and searching for products. Therefore, make sure to include identifiers.

It includes Euproeran Article Numbers (EANs), Universal Product Codes (UPCs), Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN), and International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) in your product listings. 

5. Build Seller Reputation 

Your seller’s reputation and track record could make a difference for your business. Most customers check for ratings, customer disputes, reviews, and responsiveness. 

Make sure to sell your products at a decent price and provide all accurate details about the products. Further, your customers decide your business’ future therefore make sure to be polite and respond instantly. 

Furthermore, if you follow the above-mentioned actions then you will see positive growth in your ratings and reviews. It will further lead you to have more customers, higher rankings, and greater revenue. 

6. Showcase Profile Photo 

The primary purpose of showcasing profile photos is to represent your brand. In case, you are using eBay professional or business account then make sure to keep a branded logo. 

On the contrary, if you are using a personal eBay account then you can use your picture or illustration. Note that eBay suggests that for sizing your image dimensions should be 300 x 300 pixels. Along with the minimum resolution of 72 DPI. 


It is important to keep patience when it comes to SEO. Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks when selling products on the eBay platform. To get a higher rank, you have to make sure to optimize your products, descriptions, and more. Ranking might take some time but you will clearly see positive results. Happy Selling on eBay!