7 Tips For Sharing Amazon Product On Social Media To Attract Consumers

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7 Tips For Sharing Amazon Product On Social Media To Attract Consumers

Amazon is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce websites across the globe; considering the reach of the website, even small businesses want to list their products on Amazon.


Amazon has 2 million products listed, and to profit as a seller, you have to stand out against the crowd of sellers and grab buyers’ attention. The average conversion rate of Amazon is 15% which is roughly three to five times more than that of other eCommerce sites. Hence, makes it a popular shopping platform.


However, reaching the right consumer is not easy as it seems and is not everyone’s cup of tea. The key to reaching Amazon consumers is to maximize the visibility of your product listing. This makes it easier for the buyer to find your products and helps sellers reach maximum consumers.


It is essential to know how to sell things on Amazon because promotion and reputation are directly proportionate to Amazon product listings.


Perhaps, there is nothing to fret about; we have your back. Through this blog, we will share 8 tips for sharing Amazon products on social media for promotion to attract consumers.


 So let’s get started.

7 Tips For Sharing Amazon Product On Social Media To Attract Consumers

1.Host giveaway or contest

Sometimes, a good sale can attract followers that will manifest engagement, and sometimes not. Hence, to endorse and promote your product to reach a broader audience, conducting a free giveaway is necessary. 


Once the giveaway is live on the social media platforms, you will notice a sudden surge in the account’s engagement. This process will spark off the promotion rate of your best-selling products on Amazon UK. 


This gives people another reason to follow your page, spread brand awareness, and encourage people to keep visiting your page. You have to create an official account against your brand on social media websites for any endorsement and promotion. 

2.Promote and Endorse

 Promoting and endorsing a product of Amazon social media is a chaotic process. Social Media Platforms can support the Amazon product of your company and follow the policies and procedures. In this way, before starting with promotion and endorsement on a Social Media platform. To execute sucessful Amazon wholesale social media marketing in UK

you must contemplate whether it is an ideal medium for sharing your products or not.


Furthermore, albeit selecting and starting the process, invest your time and focus on it so that you can make use of the effective marketing strategy for branding your Amazon products.

3. Create a brand page

Creating a brand page is one of the vital tips to establish a solid online brand presence. It is an integral part of endorsing products on social media. Social media for business is not an entertainment platform. It is a basic approach used to reach customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand presence.

Hence this is the best way to introduce your brand to the audience on social media platforms. Authenticity helps in garnering trust, in turn, trust, builds marketing receptiveness, and drives new business. 

4. SEO 

Social media is all about search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps social media profiles to rank in top search results, gain followers and drive more traffic on their social media platforms. SEO favors building a brand community and enhancing brand reputation. SEO involves including the right set of keywords and product listing so that keywords rank high in search engine results. Search engine optimization tempts a wide array of buyers to your listing. 

Both consumers and sellers are already on Amazon and using popular keywords. Search engines, both Amazon and others, find out that your product listing gives the best search result and ranks higher.

5. Social Media


Ever wonder How do I promote my Amazon products on social media?


Don’t worry, here is your answer.

Social media is a key to attracting advertising and connecting with influencers. For this reason, a brand must create ads and connect with an audience to spread awareness of products Amazon. 


To do this, one must link back product listings on social media, and hence buyers can be redirected to the Amazon listing. Undoubtedly, Amazon drives more sales and generates more revenue than any online seller. 

6. Amazon Influencer marketing

Amazon Influencer marketing is a reliable alternative way for endorsing and selling products on Amazon to garner high traffic. On the other hand, to promote Amazon product listing and have found out influencers.

Keep in mind that the influencer must have a solid audience base with many followers and customers. In this case, Instagram and Facebook are the ideal choices to integrate situations associated with influencers for endorsing a brand on Amazon on social media platforms.

An intelligent software tool—Asinwiser— is what you need as an Amazon. It is an impeccable solution for your all needs, including product research,  competitor research, and profitability calculator.

7. Social Media Promo Code

The social media promotional code is an exquisite way of branding a solid social media presence. Amazon sellers give a certain percentage of discounts on certain products using these codes. It also generates a unique URL to share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

If you merge a cost-effective put forward with an excellent, intelligent social media presence, you can take your product’s game to the next level. As a result, you can propel massive sales. In this way, a seller who owns a professional selling account on Amazon creates a promotion link to share about a discount they’re offering on the listing through social media. Contrary to a traditional advertisement, sharing a promo code gives users the advantage of saving money. 

In conclusion

Amazon has always been considered a flourishing and engaged community, even before the appearance of social media. Nevertheless, through the extensive utilization of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, one of Amazon’s aspects is to be successful and promote its brands and its products across an abundance of social media platforms. It is quite helpful in facilitating conversation, engagement, and discovery with its millions of followers. 

We hope the above-shared tips help you in gaining customers’ attention. Have patience while trying to market your product. If you have any query, get in touch with Asinwiser’s experts.