Top 4 Alternatives for MerchantWords

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Top 4 Alternatives for MerchantWords


MerchantWords is a keyword research and SEO tool for Amazon that helps to look for keywords that are worth ranking for. It provides details on the competitors, possible traffic volume, and predicted sales conversion rates by category or search term.


In this article, we have summarised the best 4 alternatives for MerchantWords. Let’s check: 


MerchantWords Alternatives


Here is the list of 4 tools that can be used as an alternative for MerchantWords. Let’s check: 


1. Sellics


This keyword research tool helps to find profitable keywords through easy processes. Moreover, it also offers a list of the best keywords that would work best for your product. Sellics offers a comprehensive or in-depth analysis. It further helps to look for words and phrases that have a high number of searches. 


In addition, it also helps to check what percentage of items or products got sold by the fulfilled or third-parties by Amazon platform. 


Furthermore, you may also utilize the tool’s built-in search engine. It will further help you to uncover fresh ideas quickly based few aspects. It includes criteria such as category, price range, and more. Also, you’ll be able to examine specific competitors’ listings and compare them to your own utilizing full profiles.


Lastly, sellics help to stay on top of changes in client demand and determine when it’s time to update your prices.


2. Jungle Scout 


It is a powerful product research tool that guides to search and finds profitable products that would be relevant to sell online. Many sellers use this tool such as Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, Alibaba traders, and eBay entrepreneurs. 


Moreover, you’ll get access to information such as sales rank history, expected monthly income, the net profit margin percentage (NPM), the unit price of an item sold at wholesale cost (WCO), and much more. 


Note that Jungle Scout now has a free Chrome extension called ‘Junglescope.’ It provides users fast access to all of this information without the need to download anything.


3. Keyword Tool Dominator


It’s an all-in-one keyword research tool that comes with everything you’ll need to uncover profitable keywords. It further helps to outrank your competitors in the search results. 


Furthermore, you can test it for free, Keyword Tool Dominator is a one-time purchase. Fortunately, you can use Keyword Tool dominator even if you are not an SEO expert. 


Eventually. with its simple step-by-step process and thorough explanations, Keyword Tool Dominator will show you how to do keyword research like a pro, allowing anyone to achieve results quickly.


Additionally, the software includes over 500 preset keywords from Amazon, eBay, Google Trends, YouTube, and more! This means you’ll never have to waste time looking for fresh keywords again because they’re already built into the software!


4. AMZ Insight Tool 


The AMZ Insight Tool is a free tool that provides you with information about your Amazon product listings. Furthermore, it helps to learn and analyze more about competitors, keywords, products, rankings, and more. Additionally, you get a free tool that helps to export your findings to Excel. 


The best thing about the AMZ Insight tool is that it contains 500 million data items. In addition, this tool will guide you to determine your competitor’s items that could be profitable for your business. It would be based on sales ranks or best-selling items rankings. 


Moreover, you will get an email marketing tool in the AMZ Insight tool. It will help to send emails from the app. Also, you don’t have to open the app all day to send emails. This tool works perfectly for ad campaigns for social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook.


Hope this article guided you to learn the top 4 alternatives for MerchantWords. Good Luck.



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