Top 5 Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

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Top 5 Amazon Seller Scanner Tools

It’s a great time to be selling on Amazon compared to just a few years ago. This is because so many advanced tools and apps are now available to help Amazon sellers find profitable products for their business. 

Using Amazon seller scanner tools, retail arbitrage sellers can easily find profitable products. There are a lot of scanner apps available in the market, but not every scanner is compatible and helpful for every business. 

Please continue reading to learn more about what Amazon scanner tools are, why you should use them, and some of the best ones we recommend.

Here are the best five Amazon Seller Scanner Tools you should use. 


A scoutly is a handy tool that earlier gained popularity under the name of FBA Scan. This Amazon seller tool lets you download databases and data from countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This makes it quicker to gather information about a particular product, considering it’s already available offline. 

Also, no wifi connection or a signal to scout for products is required to use this tool. But, the live search method does provide more accurate current prices. The best thing about Scouting is that it allows you to set product-specific profit. This means that you don’t have to determine whether to buy a product or not because the app will analyze the data for you and tell you when a product is worth buying. 

2. Scoutify 2 


Scoutify 2 is an app with an InventoryLab subscription; InventoryLab is a valuable tool that gives you information about your product listings. It also assists you in analyzing your profitability and tracks your investments. Spotify 2 shows you the target cost per unit based on your best ROI. This fundamentally implies that the app already works in taxes to get a more or less accurate number. 

Another excellent feature of this app is that it flags articles that meet your ROI and sales performance preferences making it easier to decide if it has passed your standards. The Amazon scanning app also provides the product’s expiration date, condition, and tax rate. 

An intelligent software tool—Asinwiser— is what you need as an Amazon. It is an impeccable solution for your all needs, including product research,  competitor research, and profitability calculator.

3. Profit Bandit 

The profit bandit scanning app enables sellers to estimate yield based on various factors, decide which product has Amazon Buy Box and provide limited item alerts. Profit Bandit considers 15 elements, including the product’s weight, shipping rates, and cost of goods, in determining the profit you can earn. 

It also explains how the app came up with the amount through a detailed calculation down to the penny. But perhaps the most helpful feature of this app is that it allows you to see who has the Buy Box. In addition, profit Bandit tells you if you will be competing against Amazon for specific products.

4. Scan Power 

Scan Power is one of the most expensive Amazon seller scanner applications. SunPower provides live pricing data for every listed product in the Amazon catalogue. Therefore, source, list, and price improve margins and reduce your risk. 

The app also communicates directly to the desktop application that suggests when you are back to the office, and you can quickly build a report making the app the scout. The other helpful feature is that it enables you to create 2D barcodes for use when shipping your items, helping you manage your inventory well.

5. Amazon Seller App


The Amazon Seller app indicates stats, such as the product’s sales rank and the item’s price.

It also tells you about restricted products and how they can be sold under what conditions. If a product is restricted on Amazon doesn’t mean that you absolutely can’t sell them. 


The app is one of the Amazon Seller Scanner Tools. It allows you to do more than make a buying decision. To use the app for scanning, you need to find the product’s barcode and scan it. Then, click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the app.

Key Takeaway

Amazon arbitrage as a business model is nothing more than buying a product for a low price and selling it somewhere else for a profit. That’s why you need an Amazon seller scanner app. However, we know there are many issues that Amazon sellers deal with. That’s why we have designed a seller-centric intelligent tool- Asinwiser. Get in touch with our experts to get the maximum benefit of this innovative tool.