Top 5 eCommerce Apps You Must Have for Your Online Business

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Top 5 eCommerce Apps You Must Have for Your Online Business


It is highly important for a business to engage with its customers to significantly increase sales and profit. However, the best way to do this is to include effective apps in your online store. 


Moreover, it is an affordable and easy procedure that you can effectively implement to streamline your business. 


Here we have discussed the best 5 apps that you must-have for your business. Let’s start. 


1. Liquid Delivery 


Businesses who provide direct delivery can use Liquid Delivery to provide additional delivery options at the checkout. Furthermore, businesses can use Liquid Delivery to add certain interesting features. It includes customized delivery zones, local delivery alternatives, and same-day delivery.


Moreover, you can easily configure your delivery zones. And, manage in-store pickup locations with its quick installation and user-friendly interface.


In addition, if you will have many delivery alternatives that might help you improve your client experience.


Note that you can quickly construct delivery zones. It would be based on zip codes, modify zones with unique delivery methods.


2. MyAbadonded Cart  


An abandoned cart does not always imply that a sale has been lost. Furthermore, merchants can use MyAbandonedCart to contact customers who have left an abandoned cart. Then, your next step is to persuade them to finish their purchase.


When clients leave something in their basket, MyAbandonedCart allows you to send up to three emails per cart to registered customers. 


Moreover, with the ability to send emails 30 minutes, 24 hours, or 48 hours after they’ve abandoned their cart. You can ensure that you stay top of mind and encourage them to return and complete the transaction.


3. OrderCup


You’ll need a shipping application if you operate an eCommerce store. Furthermore, OrderCup works with a variety of platforms to help businesses. It further helps to streamline their shipping processes. 


In addition, this cloud-based technology allows users to access information from anywhere. Also, it helps to quickly retrieve orders, alter shipping details in carts, and send tracking emails to customers.


OrderCup allows you to save time by creating mailing labels one at a time or in bulk. Furthermore, it helps to take advantage of cheap shipping choices from USPS and DHL.


4. Form Builder 


For internet organizations, leads are an everyday occurrence. Moreover, Form Builder makes it simple to design custom forms for your website without having to know how to code. 


In addition,’s Form Builder is your solution if you need more leads. But it doesn’t have the sales team or coding ability to generate lead forms.


Nevertheless, this time-saving application connects to platforms such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and a certain variety of other apps.


5. DataFeedWatch


DataFeedWatch helps you build your business by connecting you to over 750 different shopping channels.


Furthermore, merchants can use DataFeedWatch to enhance their data feeds. Also, it helps to track the performance of individual products. 


In addition, product performance insights can assist you to understand which products are performing better. And, it further allows you to adjust your offering and increase your ROI.


However, if you require assistance, DataFeedWatch Feed Experts may assist you in creating and optimizing your product data.


We hope this guide will help you to understand the best eCommerce apps that would enhance the working efficiency and flexibility of your online store.


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