Top 5 Methods that Helps to Lower High eBay Fees

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Top 5 Method that Helps to Lower High eBay Fees


You will find certain costs on eBay. Moreover, there have been various increments in the last two years such as final value fees, insertion fees, listing upgrade fees, and more. Moreover, if you are an under-performing seller then you have to pay penalty fees as well. 


In this article, we have discussed how you can tackle high fees and the best ways on how you can lower them. Let’s start.


1. Calculation before Listing Products


It is crucial to select and list the right product on sale that could bring your customers and profit. Furthermore, it should be worth your time and effort. Therefore, the calculation is highly important before listing products


We recommended you use an eBay fee calculator. It will help you to determine and analyze items that would be a perfect fit for selling online. Nevertheless, it helps you to get all the detailed information and knowledge about the products that you’re selling online. Moreover, it helps to list those specific products that could be profitable for your business. 


In addition, you can also use the eBay fee calculator to regulate strategic pricing for your listed products. It would help you to attain maximum profits for your online business. 


2. Aim to become Best Seller


Though it seems like a tough task it is possible for you to achieve it. You need to focus and work on your business by adopting a consistent and strategic approach. Moreover, the primary factor to consider is to focus on providing the best customer service. It should offer excellent customer service that will ultimately help you to gain trusted customers and profits. 


In addition, make sure to become the best seller or top-rated seller to get a ten percent discount on the final value fees. 


Here is the list of requirements that need to be fulfilled to become the top-rated or best seller on eBay. Follow them:

You must have been a member of eBay for at least 90 days.

Meet eBay’s transaction defect rate, issues closed without seller resolution and late shipment rate standards.

Comply with eBay’s rules on selling practices.

Have completed at least 100 transactions and made at least $1,000 in U.S. sales in the previous year.


A bonus reward for being the best seller on eBay is that you won’t be at risk of getting charged. You will be free from any penalty fees if you are an under-performing seller.


3. Final Value Fees


No matter if online sales are not fulfilled or not by the seller, eBay will charge the final value fees. However, it does not imply that you have to pay them always. 


Here is the list of the following circumstances where sellers are eligible for final fees refunds:

When a buyer fails to pay, you submit the item to eBay as unpaid.

If an item is returned or is missing, you will receive a full refund.

You’re an eBay-managed payments seller who decides to provide a voluntary refund in the middle of a payment dispute.

You and the buyer have reached an agreement to end the deal.


If you qualify for a final value charge credit, you have a certain period of time to request it, depending on your circumstances.


You have 32 days to report an unpaid item if a buyer does not pay for it. You’ll get a credit on the fifth day if the buyer doesn’t pay or answer within four days.


You’ll get credit after the customer is repaid for a mutually agreed-upon cancellation within 30 days of the sale.


A final value fee credit will appear on your next invoice if you provide a refund to the buyer for a returned or missing item.


4. Examine eBay Store Subscription


If your shop subscription isn’t the appropriate fit for the amount you’re selling, you can be paying more than you need to on eBay fees.


eBay offers five separate store subscriptions, each with its own set of advantages. It includes Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise. 


Here is the chart with all the prices, discounts, subscriptions, and benefits. Check out:


Starter Basic Premium Anchor Enterprise
Tools and discounts (it is for occasional sellers) Lower fees and tools for new businesses Higher discounts for larger business  Lower Fees.

Dedicated support for bulk sellers

Lowest fees.

Dedicated Support for major retailers. 

$4.95/month with an annual subscription $21.95/month with an annual subscription $59.95/month with an annual subscription $299.95/month with an annual subscription $2999.95/month with an annual subscription


You can check from the above chart what works the best for you. 


5. Assess listing upgrades 


There are certain ways by which you can upgrade your eBay listings. And, also you can promote them further. These listings include a high-quality featured images, bold font, additional text, customizable listing designs, scheduled listings, auction format upgrades, and international site visibility.


In addition, Sellers can try out different upgrades to determine which ones, if any, result in higher bids or sales. Always check the bottom of the page for your total fees before submitting a listing if you don’t want to pay anything extra for it.


All in All


You must evaluate the profitability of final sales of listed items with consistency. Furthermore, make sure you are assessing your sales and profits. Also, monitor and identify the methods by which you can minimize any heavy fees on eBay. Good Luck!


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