Top 5 Steps that Helps to Optimize Amazon PPC

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Top 5 Steps that Helps to Optimize Amazon PPC




Amazon PPC (pay per click) works in a very effective manner. We can achieve a substantial boost in sales by using the Amazon PPC. Amazon PPC provides an awesome result at a low price. But always be careful when you work with the PPC because if you do it the wrong way it impacts your campaign badly. 


Steps to follow to advertise on Amazon  


There is no such shortcut available by which you get desired results overnight but there are some effective ideas that definitely help you to differentiate your product from the competitors and provide a unique identity in the market in a specialized form.  


Step 1: Keep an Eye on Competitors


In today’s era, each and every business has competitors in the market. So if you are new in the business then you have to keep an eye on your competitor’s activities. As obvious it is not possible to predict each and every keyword that your audience will use. In such a case competitor research is the best option to start the analysis of the market. It helps to identify the blind spots.


Furthermore, the main thing is that the search tools are more powerful and flexible. Search engine software always automates the competitive research process that makes it easy to find out relevant information.


You need to do:


1. Find the competitors: You can easily find out your competitors by typing relevant keywords of your product. You can prepare the PPC strategy by analyzing the competitor’s actions.


2. Relevant data: Find out the relevant keywords in the Advertising Report tab of your Seller Central. you can find out the performance of a specific keyword over a 60-day period.


Step 2: Generate Structured Campaigns


PPC Campaigns depend on how many multiple products you are selling. So it’s important to create an organized format and maintain it to track the performance and optimize where necessary.


Points to remember:


1. Product category: Broader campaigns adopted this idea to cover a product type.


2. Popularity: The Top sellings products always stay in the competition but often have higher sales volume.


Step 3: Automation Usage 


Running campaigns give the desired result with more control but it takes much more time investment. The Opportunity cost should be considered even if it leads to better results. The allocation of more resources to our Amazon PPC campaigns is not an effective way.


So Amazon’s automotive campaigns provide a better way to identify and test potential keywords. You can choose these data to validate which keywords will be helpful in creating volume, converting, and pursuing the strategy.


Step 4: ACoS (Minimizing) 


ACoS stands for Average cost of sale. Amazon provides various metrics to help marketers to understand their desired results and ACoS. That number shows the ratio of ad costs to sales and is calculated by dividing the former by the latter.


ACoS can be Minimized by taking full advantage of keyword match types and preparing a list of the negative keywords you want to use.


Step 5: Optimization  


Every vendor wants to stay ahead of all its competitors so they want an effective way for it, but in actuality, the adjustments are more important than immediate and large-scale changes.


The nature of PPC campaigns is dynamic, which means it changes continuously. So in this case you need to find out how to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns over time. Weekly information reports may help in this so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.




At last, the PPC is one of the most cost-effective tools for amazon sellers. If each and every step is done in an effective manner by taking care of each scenario then the desired result can be achieved by it.



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