Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

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Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling 


Amazon provides a platform where you can make money without selling an actual physical product. Is it hard to believe? But yes it’s possible. Making money by such a business model is just awesome. So here, the top ways are present to make money without selling: 


Best 5 Ways to Generate Money on Amazon Without Selling 


Following is the list of 5 top ways to make money. Let’s check:


1. Affiliate Marketing via Amazon Associates 


Amazon provides the world’s largest affiliate marketing program. This program is very helpful for publishers, bloggers, and content creators to monetize their traffic. As we all know there are millions of programs or products available on amazon. The associates use easy and simple link-building tools. It further helps so that they can direct their audience for the recommendations and make money from programs and qualifying purchases. Making money without selling anything is really a great idea. You can earn up to 10% in advertising fees from qualified purchases.


There are some examples of commissions by product category as of May 2021 include:


1. Physical books, kitchen, and automotive — 4.5%


2. Lawn & garden, pets products, pantry — 3%


3. Digital music, groceries, physical music, handmade, digital videos — 5%


4. Luxury beauty and Amazon coins — 10%


5. Furniture, home, home improvement — 3%


Benefits of Amazon Associates:


1. It is very easy to set up.


2. There is no need for any source inventory for this.


3. Approval will be permitted if you already have a website.


2. Sell Professional Services 


As we know, Amazon is a big marketplace for physical products. But do you know that Amazon services provide a platform by which you can also sell professional services.


There are some of the popular service categories listed below:


1. Events

2. Home Maintenance

3. Jewelry and Apparel

4. Education

5. Landscaping and Lawncare

6. Vehicles

7. Consumer Electronics

8. Health and Beauty

9. Pets


Amazon services are available for both freelancers as well as registered businesses. So if you have the required skills of any of these categories then you can easily join the network by applying online.


3. Deliver with Amazon Flex


Amazon is a large-scale platform in the online market. It has its own delivery service. It is the best option for part-time jobs. If anyone wants to join the amazon drivers team then they apply through Amazon Flex.


The most important feature of Amazon Flex is that drivers can create a  schedule and take desirable work only. So it is highly flexible in nature.


4. Join MTurk


MTurk is known as Mechanical Turk. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace provided by Amazon. MTurk permits individuals and businesses to outsource the tasks and processes to a virtual workforce. This is useful in the case of some special categories like data entry, research, surveys, content moderation, data validation, etc.


The main benefit of MTurk is that the tasks are mostly easy to complete and you can perform the task according to your schedule.


5. Become a Review writer For Amazon Vine


By writing a lot of helpful reviews for products on amazon you can become an eligible user for the Amazon Vine program. You won’t receive any cash for this participation but Amazon Vine will reward you with free products.


The main purpose of Amazon Vine is to support honest and helpful feedback. Because this feedback helps a lot in the product selling and quality analysis for the customer. So Amazon Vine sent free products in exchange for your valuable reviews.


We hope this article helped you to learn all aspects of making money without selling. Good Luck!



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