Types of Amazon Ads: Why Does a Seller Need Them?

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Amazon regularly develops new ad types and possibilities for sellers to connect with and promote their stores and products to customers. Sellers on Amazon know just how important advertising is on the platform and see the value of learning everything about how advertising on Amazon works. 

Advertising on Amazon entails products and organic rankings improvement. Amazon has changed the way we shop. Its advertising solutions are taking over the digital landscape. Google has your search data, and Facebook knows your interests, but Amazon is more powerful because it knows what you want and how you get it. 

Read this article to know more about different types of Amazon ads businesses can run.

1. Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Sponsored Brand Campaigns are pay-per-click advertisements for a single product. They enable you to promote keyword-targeted ads of multiple products above, below, and alongside search results. These advertisements have a rate for each click they receive. The ad will appear in the buying search results and product detail pages of competing and related products. 

Sponsored products improve the visibility of products. Overall, the more visible a product is on Amazon, the more frequently it sells. A describing feature displays your ads’ clicks, spend, sales, estimated win rate for keywords, and Advertising Cost of Sales. One of the perks of PPC ads is that brands only pay for impressions.

2. Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads is a self-service platform whose main objective is to cross-sell or upsell to your customers. These ads are based on pay-per-click ads. Sponsored display ads increase your campaign efficiency and are beneficial for both sellers and vendors. This kind of inventory, unlike the rest, is available to all advertisers, not just those selling on the platform.

To calculate performance, there is a reporting tool that advertises your campaigns’ clicks, spend, sales, advertising cost, detailed page views, average cost-per-click, etc. This ad type has one of the best assets a brand can get: performance metrics. The performance metrics provided with sponsored display ads through Amazon allow companies to gain campaign insights on what is and isn’t driving success.

3. Video Ads

Amazon OTT (over-the-top) and out-stream ads enable you to target customers with a video on Amazon’s websites, mobile apps, the Fire tablet wake screen, and. They offer engaging branding experiences to customers allowing brands to tell their stories in a more captivating way. 

Video ad benefits companies comprehend their potential customers using data and research by brand metrics during video ad campaigns. Video ads are positioned for success as they become more reliable for advertisers to feature multi-language ads and content on Amazon. Video ads are regularly run with display ads and other ad types. To buy Amazon video ads, you don’t have to sell products on Amazon.

4. Amazon Stores

Amazon stores are one of the most vital assets Amazon provides to its sellers. Stores are a free multi-page ad type that enables brands to communicate with their customers. 

Stores build brand awareness and improve brand loyalty. 

One of the most important perks of Amazon Stores is it provides brands with their own Amazon web addresses. This makes the URL easy to remember. It also allows companies to advertise Amazon by linking back to their Amazon Store pages quickly.

5. Audio Ads

Audio ads look at all the audio or screen-free experiences. Amazon offers a free, ad-supported version of Amazon Music. It is even likely to have ads play through Amazon devices such as Alexa-enabled devices. 

Music is one way customers communicate with Alexa the most; therefore, combining the brand’s message into it is an unbeatable way to reach potential new customers. One of the best things about audio ads on Amazon is that companies that don’t work on Amazon stores or sell products on the platform can still invest in audio ad time. 

6. Amazon Posts

 Amazon posts allow you to understand your brand’s story to important shoppers who scan several categories on Amazon. Customers will find Amazon posts on the brand’s feed and their product pages. 

These posts can also be found on iOS, Android, and mobile web. Any brand can create Amazon posts for free. This is an opportunity to build inspiring content and share your brand story with your audience. 


Amazon is evolving everyday. Not only Amazon is increasing the campaign types but also the options available within the campaigns. It is essential to develop a powerful Amazon advertising strategy.

There are many ways to build a successful marketing strategy on Amazon, and the platform releases more types of ads and opportunities all the time to help sellers.  



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