Walmart Marketplace: Steps to Create Account and Best Selling Practices

Walmart Marketplace: Steps to Create Account and Best Selling Practices

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Walmart Marketplace is one of the leading eCommerce businesses that offer great opportunities for sellers. If you are looking for a platform that helps you to grow your online business successfully then Walmart is your right place. 

In this article, we have discussed how you can set up your profile on the Walmart marketplace. Also, learn about best practices you can follow before selling on the Walmart marketplace. Let’s begin. 

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Steps to become Seller on Walmart Marketplace

Follow these mentioned steps to become a seller on Walmart. Let’s start:

1. Seller Application

The first and foremost step is to fill the application on the Walmart marketplace website. Further, input details and save each section as you move ahead. Make sure you provide all the correct information without any errors. Further, once you fill the form, click on ‘Apply Now.’ And, your application will be submitted. 


Next, you will receive a notification of your approval. Then, you can set up your profile on the website. 

2. Registration Process

When your application form gets approved, you will receive a unique link to your registered email address. Further, when you click on the link, you will be directed to the Walmart marketplace. Then you are allowed to create a Partner Profile. It includes 5 steps:

  • Account Creation
  • Partner Registration
  • Shipping Info
  • Set up a Bank account 
  • Taxes


Note that Walmart requires all these details to set up the financial element of your account.

3. Partner Profile 

You have to complete the Partner Profile before selling on the Walmart marketplace. The first aspect of it is to verify your bank account. Then, Walmart will deposit a small amount to your account to check if it’s a legitimate bank account. Note that, you will find it under the statement that says ‘WM Marketplace Penny Test.’


After you get the deposit notification, the next step is to mark that section as complete. However, if you have not received any deposit or notification then re-check your registration and bank account information. 

4. Post Items or Products

When your account is live then you can move to the next step of posting products. However, you have to fill some listing criteria before posting that includes images, videos, and description. Moreover, you also have to set categories and subcategories for every listed product. This step helps customers to easily find the products when they search for them. 

5. Appearance Preview

To attract customers to your products or services, make sure to preview your product appearance page. First impressions of the products can define the future of your business therefore provide your best product impression. Also, make sure that description information is accurate, relevant, and error-free. 

6. Final Launch

After following all the mentioned steps, it’s time to launch your account. Also, note that your account won’t get immediately published instead it will take 24 hours to go live. The reason behind this is that Walmart reviews all important aspects of the profile before the final launch. Asinwiser

Best 3 Selling Practices for Walmart Marketplace

Follow these 3 mentioned practices for selling on Walmart Marketplace. Let’s check:

1. Target the Right Audience


It is important to know your audience before selling products on Walmart. Therefore, you need to create product listings that would attract your audience to your products. Make sure to learn all aspects before targeting your audience before selling your products or services. 


Moreover, research your target audience and improve your listings to add value to your Walmart business. 

2. Analyze and Monitor Costs

It is important to set reasonable prices for products when you sell them on Walmart Marketplace. As this company has the reputation of affordable costs on their products hence your prices should align with them as well. However, some sellers face trouble as they are competing against Walmart for prices and sales. 

Nevertheless, Walmart expects you to sell your products at a reasonable price irrespective of how many unique products you sell. In addition, Walmart marketplace is known for removing third-party products to maintain pricing standards. 


In addition, Walmart is in competition with big online eCommerce businesses such as Amazon. And, they want to encourage people to purchase products from their platform with a reasonable pricing model. Lastly, make sure you consider this before selling on the Walmart marketplace. 

3. Quick Shipping

Customers expect to receive their products instantly. Therefore, if you want to sustain your business at Walmart then you have to manage with processing, packaging, and delivering the product quickly. 


Furthermore, there are two major aspects that sellers need to ship instantly. The first thing includes sellers getting paid only after they ship products. And, your shipping rates are monitored by Walmart. It signifies that your survival on the Walmart platform depends on the shipping rate metrics. As a result, sellers must maintain shipping products effectively. 


In addition, it would be excellent if your products get shipped within a day or two. It will benefit to maintain your shipping rates with happy customers and successful business on Walmart. 


Walmart Marketplace is the best place if you want to sell your products.

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