10 Ways to Avoid Having Your Amazon Account Suspension

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10 Ways to Avoid Having Your Amazon Account Suspended

Selling on Amazon is a challenging experience for sellers who do business there. That’s why Account Suspension on Amazon is something that keeps the seller on their toes.

It is one of the dreadful things for any merchant working in the marketplace.

Do you think account suspension on Amazon is a regular occurrence? Then, take another look at your situation. Unfortunately, when it comes to underperforming accounts and dishonest individuals, the company doesn’t hold back.


To increase your chances of avoiding account suspension, familiarize yourself with Amazon’s terms of service and adhere to the standards set out therein.

Here are 10 Ways to Avoid Having Your Amazon Account Suspended

  1. Make sure you have all of the required paperwork.


Make sure that all relevant documents are scanned and uploaded in a clear and readable way when opening an Amazon Seller Account so that Amazon may perform easy validation checks. There should be no indication of fingers or shadows on the scanned paper. If feasible, take the photos in natural light and in a room that does not get direct sunshine, and this will ensure that no unwanted shadows develop. 


Place the documents on the floor and bend over them to get the best view of the documentation. Because these papers are so important, take your time to ensure the image is flawless. You must also verify that all of your information is accurate and matches the papers you submit.

2. Keep a second bank account to a minimum.


Some sellers are attracted to open a new account just before the Christmas shopping season, unaware that they may be violating Amazon’s General Guidelines and risk having their account banned. Unfortunately, Amazon cares about leveling the playing field for sellers, and breaching this golden rule will probably result in your account being suspended.

3. Information inaccuracy and fabrication

You risk losing your selling privileges if you list non-legitimate or counterfeit goods on your Amazon profile. Similarly, if you’ve created additional accounts if your original statement is suspended, Amazon will consider this a huge red flag. In this circumstance, you’ll be lucky if you obtain any restoration.

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4. Get rid of any items that are producing issues.


Do a risk assessment and make a value judgment before assuming you couldn’t possibly consider discontinuing a cherished product. While taking the risk may seem advantageous, consider the consequences of having your account suspended and being unable to sell any of your things. Is it still worthwhile to go ahead and do it? Take these risks during the busy season rather than the offseason since they might be disastrous for your company’s bottom line after an already difficult year.

5. You were meddling with the process of assessment.

Individuals may go around Amazon’s review process requirements in various ways: some merchants solicit favorable ratings, others bribe customers, and some even manufacture reviews to increase their ranks. These reviews play a significant role in determining your future success on Amazon and whether or not you’ll be able to sell in the future. Consequently, ensuring the credibility of Amazon reviews and the openness of the review process is a top priority for Amazon.

6. Take control of the situation.

Maintaining two-way interaction with Amazon is the most important thing you can do to keep your account safe. Take attention to the information you’re getting about your account and goods from Amazon and your customers, and then act on it. Make sure you’re up to speed on any policy changes. Keep it a point to pay attention to what people say about your firm and the reviews they’re leaving, and make your Amazon account prominent. Being vigilant and aware of everything that is going on around you daily is the most efficient way to stay on top of things.

7. Make it a point to improve your performance metrics.


It should go without saying that you must be at the top of your game before the start of the selling season. Furthermore, since performance indicators tend to drop right after the holidays, you’ll need to be in top shape long before you start selling your first things.

8. Another crucial step is to keep track of your performance data.

To avoid an Amazon account suspension, you must consistently maintain good performance metrics and account health. By going to the Amazon Seller Central site and clicking on the Performance tab, you can check the status of your Amazon account.

Amazon has a well-documented and frequently acknowledged counterfeiting problem. In fact, “inauthentic items” were the reason for half of all account suspensions in 2017. Yet, according to a recent Guardian research, the market is flooded with counterfeit items despite this.

9. Avoid the tasks that you are unable to do.

This sales season has a fair possibility of outperforming even our most conservative forecasts. There are many Private Label items on the market, and this is what you would call a product creator. The competition is set to heat up as new merchants pop up every day and retailers provide things from all around the world. Everyone is looking for a chance to shine to establish a name for oneself. Prepare for increased competition by enlisting help in vital areas that might be handled by a virtual assistant or part-time seasonal staff.

10. Don’t strive to create anything new every time.

Amazon is aware of online merchants that profit from unoriginal product ideas, and they will be harshly penalized if they do so. Piggybacking is the technique of becoming an additional seller and just jumping on the bandwagon of an original seller’s listings. The idea is to avoid having to go through a lengthy setup procedure.

This is something that everyone is watching, not just Amazon. Other merchants have the right to report you as a phony if they see you piggybacking on their listings. Some may applaud this method of international selling but don’t be surprised if your Amazon account is suspended if you select this route.

Final Takeaway

Maintaining your seller privileges on Amazon may be difficult since the marketplace keeps an eye on you. And you never know when you will receive a suspension letter when you least expect it. It is not because Amazon wants to make you uncomfortable; instead, it is part of a strategy to guarantee that merchants don’t make the same mistake again. As a result, although you can’t hold Amazon liable for their arbitrary suspension tactics, you may still take steps to avoid an Amazon suspension.

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