Nine ways to boost your sales in Amazon UK Marketplace

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Amazon U.K is the largest e-commerce marketplace which is being visited by millions of shoppers daily. Being an Amazon seller, the product must be visible to visitors. Hence, Optimizing your catalog will naturally aid in streamlining other facets of your business, therefore saving you time so you can invest your resources where they will have the most impact.
Do you know, your product needs visibility to the “target audience” or “Niche audience” thus you should know how to market products to your niche buyers.
In this post, we will share nine ways to boost your sales in Amazon U.K’s Marketplace.
Let’s get started!

1. Optimize your returns management process
Do you know, returns can impact profit margins if not handled properly and can have a huge influence on entire profitability? There are a number of ways to reduce costs with reverse logistics, from reducing transportation spend, to reselling items. Returns
can cause sellers to lose money and can rapidly swirl of control instead of being proactive while handling them. It is crucial to be exceptionally proactive to make sure that there are fewer returns in the future.
Hence, ensure that the returns don’t impact your Amazon store’s profitability. If value is being reclaimed from recycled and resold products, and the rest of the system is operating efficiently, profit margins will improve.

2. Use a credit card for purchasing stock
It is normal to focus mainly on a small profit or break even when you are just begining with your Amazon business as a seller. But as the business expands, you are required to generate high revenue and overall profits. To execute this seamlessly, expenditure costs will also increase. Therefore, it is vital to use a credit card with cash back to make a purchase product from your suppliers. This can by implication influence your bottom line of sales funnel. As an alternative, you can earn reward points to play down other expenses.

3. Sell Products That Often Go Out of Stock
When it is about increasing Amazon profit margins, then you can not 100% rely on mainstream tactics to make profit. Selling products entails searching for products that often go out of stock with a good sales rank, purchase them from suppliers, then wait for other listings to go out of stock. In that case, you can activate your product listing at a much higher price. Customers will all of a sudden see your listing as the only available one and will purchase from you. Consequently, leading to a very high profit margin.

4. Sponsored Ads
Amazon offers cost-per-click advertising using which you can understand how much you are spending for clicks on your ads, target keywords shoppers are using, and analyze campaigns impact. Alternatively, you can adjust your budget and bids at any time to test what’s working well, and to check and analyze whether the new
keywords work or not. Hence, your product needs to be shown to the targeted customer and Sponsored ads backed by a long tail and highly focused or niche keywords.

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5. Repricing Software
Prices change on Amazon are unstable hence you have to stay updated with them. However, using the repricing tool will help sellers to determine the minimum and the maximum price for each product. If the criteria alter, then the price of the consumer’s product will also change automatically, guaranteeing that it is always meeting the
excellent requirements. The repricer software that you are using will instantly raise the price which is based on your preset conditions. Therefore, you are required to use repricer software.
6. Track Your Suppliers’ Changing Costs
Depending on the size of the supplier you’re negotiating with, their sales catalog could include hundreds or even thousands of items. That may cost a fortune to go through, and is far in addition time-consuming to arrange on an individual basis. Instead, automate that process by uploading their catalog in a dynamic profit analyzer and set it to monitor changes in their prices. When a price falls, then to purchase in bulk and send items over to Amazon so you can sell products when the price is increased and that too to earn an increased profit.

7. Lightning Deals
A Lightning Deal is an advertisement in which a restricted number of discounts are suggested on a product for a short time period. Lightning Deals are time-sensitive hence to your order as soon as possible when you spot lighting deals. A Lightning Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where a featured product is available on
huge discount, usually 6 to 8 hours, on the Amazon Deals page. Lighting deals are visible under the deals section with the time duration mentioned and help in increasing sales. All Prime sellers are qualified to run Lightning deals.

8. Capitalize on Out-of-Stock Items
It can be incredibly frustrating to come across out-of-stock items in a product search while looking for a product. But this is exceptionally advantageous for Amazon sellers. When you see an unavailable product with a good sales rank that can be the first one to ship that item to an Amazon fulfillment center. If you are the quick one to ship the product to Amazon when the stock next becomes available. You will be able to appreciate some single-handed selling time during which you will be able to make a good profit.

9. Bundle Products Together
There’s very little risk involved when it comes to bundling products, in particular from a profit standpoint. Consumers like getting a savings deal by purchasing a bundle that’s less expensive than purchasing products individually, and you get increased profits either by a higher volume of sales or by moving slow-moving products or both.
In addition, there is less competition for the Buy Box, which is an additional path to increased profit margins. However, if it is not as profitable as it appears, you can always break bundles and go back to selling products individually or experiment with different bundles. If you’re going to sell products in a bundle then remember that each bundle demands a new product listing.

10.Buy all remaining units from a supplier
To gain an edge over your competitors and to make a good profit keep a keen eye on how many remaining units your supplier has of a popular product. Some Amazon sellers display the amount of stock which is remaining of a product on their website and if you have noticed that there is a limited number of sellers of this specific product, then buy everything that is left.
The chances are that Amazon sellers may take some time to restore the product. This means that when the remaining sellers run out of stock, you will be left as the sole seller and then the customer would be left with no choice other than to buy from you. Hence, you will be able to earn more profit.

Final Words
In this post, we considered some of the best ways to maximize your Amazon seller profit margin. In this way, if you as an Amazon seller have never tried any of the promotional methods above, you may forfeit some selling opportunities. Only to manufacture, or keep Inventory is not good but to market, sell and replenish Inventory is the need of the business.
Good Luck!


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