10 Ways You Can Save Time When Working on your Amazon Store

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It is straightforward to neglect your Amazon store. You might find yourself spending hours on social media, browsing through other stores, and researching new products. But if you want to make more money with your store, it’s time you got serious about its organization and upkeep. 

By taking a few simple steps, you can save yourself hours of work each week. And with the extra hour or two, you’ll soon notice that your profits are growing faster than ever before. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that will enable you to do just that:

1) Make sure that all images are edited before uploading them

Your images are the most critical part of your product listings. They help people understand what they’re buying and convince them to make a purchase. Not only do your images need to have high-quality, but you’ll also need to edit them before uploading them. 

Moreover, you can’t afford to sell items with poorly taken product pictures – it will reflect badly on your business, and the more sales you lose, the less money you’re going to earn from Amazon fees.

2) Pick an efficient keyword strategy

The best way for you to start ranking on Amazon’s first page is by picking a few popular keywords that describe your products and making sure that these are included in your listing titles, descriptions, and backend keywords. Furthermore, make a list of all the relevant words people might use when searching for those products. Then think about how those words relate to what you’re selling – this will help you develop high-quality keywords.

3) Improve your listings’ load times

You can do a few things to decrease the time it takes for each of your listings to load. For instance, make sure that there are no unnecessary image files in your product’s download folder. Also, try to keep the total number of product listings below 500 – this is the optimal limit Amazon recommends. The same rule applies to bullet points – keep them short and sweet!

4) Utilise all free services

If you own an eBay store, use their free selling tools, which will allow you to export prices from eBay into Amazon. By doing so, both stores will be updated automatically at all times. Additionally, if you have a Facebook page for your business, you can use the ‘universal ads’ feature to promote all of your products with one click.

5) Subscribe to FBA

All you need to do is list your products on Amazon, and they’ll handle the rest. Once your items have been sold, their fulfillment center will pick, package, and ship them without charging you a single penny. Then, they’ll provide you with all the necessary information about each purchase so that you can proceed with payments. In other words, this saves you from having to spend hours fulfilling orders over and over again.

6) Keep track of time spent on each task

The most straightforward way to save time when working on your store is by keeping track of how much time you’re spending on each job. By using an automatic time tracker, you’ll be able to make smarter business decisions and reduce the amount of time spent on unprofitable activities.

7) Automate your daily tasks

Most of the charges associated with running a successful Amazon store can be automated. For instance, you can set up your listings to change prices according to demand or schedule emails at certain times of the day. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on product research and other more important matters.

8) Utilise FBA Labels

When it comes to handling orders for items fulfilled by Amazon, there’s no quicker way than using their pre-printed shipping labels. All you need to do is place them in boxes and ship them out, and Amazon’s fulfillment center will take care of the rest. In other words, you won’t have to spend hours packaging items before sale.

9) Keep track of stock levels

Many online sellers make mistakes when monitoring their product inventories. If you misjudge how much inventory you currently own, you could end up with a severe problem on your hands. This is why we suggest installing a “Stock-Out” app – this way, and you’ll always know the exact number of products being sold so that there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

10) Utilise automated emails

Although not everyone prefers automated emails over regular ones, they’re still an efficient way for eCommerce merchants to stay in touch with their customers. An automatic email series is both personal and professional – this makes them especially suitable for dealing with any concerns your prospective buyers might have.


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