What are the documents required for the verification on Amazon?

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What are the documents required for the verification on Amazon?

Amazon is a vast online retail platform. According to Statista, there are about 218.3 thousand downloads per month of android devices in the United Kingdom. This data was acquired from the Google Play Store as updated in February 2020.

Amidst the spread of coronavirus, the recent boom in eCommerce has been observed. That’s why aspiring entrepreneurs have looked to Amazon as a way to build a profitable business in 2022.


For this reason, it is a prime concern of Amazon to protect both its sellers and shoppers. 

Please sign in to Seller Central using the email address and password associated with your account to provide the required information. 

Identity documents (IDs)

The identity document required to be an Amazon seller depends on their citizenship. Below are the requirements for all documents to be uploaded on Amazon.


  • A clear picture
  • A government-issued identity document that is accepted by the country in which you are residing or are a citizen 
  • display a name that matches the full name you use(d) to register your Amazon Payments merchant account
  • It should be in color 
  • Use ID documents, where both sides of the ID are required, follow the instructions provided on the document upload page
  • Date of birth document that matches the date of birth provided during registration
  • If submitting a passport or any other acceptable ID document, be sure it has your signature

Additional document(s)

An additional document that proves your business is authentic includes a business license, bank statement, credit card statement, or utility bill.

Bank statement

  • Must have the business address and show customer transactions on it
  • Must be of last 180 days
  • If you are the bank account holder, it should be under your name as that of business.
  • The bank account name on the document must be the name of your business. However, if you are an only proprietorship, the bank account name on the document must be the sole proprietor’s name.
  • The bank logo, bank account number, business address, business name or point of contact, and bank account holder name must be visible.

Business license

  • Business name and details such as an address, registration number, and entity type must be visible
  • The name of the legal representative or beneficiary owner should match the name of the identity document
  • Provided address must match the business address entered during registration
  • Must be valid for 90 days from the time of registration
  • Must not be abrogated or closed by the local government

Proof of address

  • Name and address must be visible.
  • Water, electricity, gas, internet, telecom bills issued by the utility company, or a mobile phone bill will also work.
  • If a utility bill for the given address is not under your name, provide a utility bill associated with the address used to register and any other supporting documents that prove you are operating from that address, even if the bill is not under your name.
  • Must be of the last 180 days

Tips to Upload document 

Documents required to be uploaded to prove ownership of bank account on Amazon

  • Log in to your Amazon Pay merchant account.
  • Use scanned images, or take a picture from a mobile device (no screenshots)
  • display the entire document page
  • Documents should be of languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish, or Japanese. 
  • If it is not the languages mentioned above, provide a copy of your passport, your original document, and a notarized translation of your document in one of these languages.
  • Documents should be less than 10MB in size.
  • Should be in formats: *.png, *.tiff, *.tif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, and *.pdf. 
  • Do not incorporate special characters in the file name such as $, &, or #

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How to upload documents for verification on Amazon?

To upload documents for your product in Seller Central:

  1. Go to Inventory > Manage Product Documents.
  2. Click Upload New Documents.
  3. Choose a name for the document you are uploading. This is only for your reference. Customers will not see this name.
  4. Select a document type from the list of allowed document types.
  5. Select the language or languages present in the document you are uploading.
  6. Choose a file to upload. Files must be:
  • Less than 10MB
  • PDF format except for CAD drawings
  • CAD drawings may be in PDF, dwg, dxf, igs, eprt, edrw, sldprt, or stp format
  1. Search by ASIN or product name and follow the on-screen prompts to associate one or more ASINs with the document you are uploading. At least one ASIN must be applied to the document to be uploaded.

Once you have submitted your documents, it may take seven business days to be reviewed for adherence to Amazon guidelines. 

Documents that do not adhere to these guidelines will be rejected.

Once your application is accepted, it may take up to seven business days to publish on the detail page of the ASINs to which it applies. If the document status is “Not approved,” view the rejection caused by clicking Edit for a specific document and make the changes.”

A ‘Thank you for your request’ message will display when you have uploaded the necessary documents and information. You can close the tab on your browser.

After you submit documents, Amazon Payments will review your information and might contact you for further clarification, if needed, within 4-7 business days. You will be contacted via email. Hence, we recommend you check your emails regularly.

You can also use the credentials, i.e., email and password you used during registration, to sign in to the account for Amazon Payments merchants, called Seller Central. In this tool, check upload instructions thoroughly if you need to provide additional documents.

In Conclusion

Amazon Product Documents Program turn up to be a great option to improve customer experience. In recent times, Amazon has taken much of the responsibility of customer satisfaction out of the sellers. Even though this generates less work for sellers, it also takes away control for sellers. Sellers eligible with applicable documents are highly recommended to join this program as soon as possible.

Any opportunity to stand out from the competition on Amazon is the edge of excellence examining. Uploading product documents with important details can encourage consumer assurance and increase the possibility of turning a click into a conversion.

These document uploads are likely to be an extraordinarily supportive resource for customers, decreasing the probability of a return and negative review.