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What is Amazon Feedback & Email Automation Software?

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Every Amazon retailer needs to have positive customer reviews to be successful. Product reviews are Amazon’s currency, and both merchants and customers use them to make purchases. They are, on the other hand, quite challenging to come by. Most Amazon customers do not post reviews, and they nearly never purchase anything without first reading the reviews.

What is the Amazon Feedback process?

For consumers to review, they must first read your email after purchasing a product and then devote the necessary time to writing one. The ability to encourage customers to do so is substantially more challenging to achieve, which is why Amazon’s usual review percentage is just around 2-5 % at best.

The most effective method of obtaining product evaluations and seller feedback on Amazon FBA is to use the most effective Amazon feedback solutions available on the market. More than 90% of Amazon customers never leave comments or reviews on buying. When asked whether they had a terrible experience, customers, on the other hand, would supply negative feedback without being asked.

If you’re a seller, the feedback you get is entirely focused on your performance. As a report card, it displays your level of customer service performance. Amazon’s algorithms will use your feedback score and the overall number of reviews when determining where to display your products in search results.

These unfavorable evaluations might be detrimental to your company, so devise a technique to help drown out the negative comments while maintaining a solid seller connection with customers. There are various excellent Amazon seller tools available that may assist you in increasing your feedback and review count.

What is Email Automation, and how does it work? 

The information in this article will offer you a list of some of the top email marketing automation software providers. When it comes to conversion optimization, email marketing continues to be one of the most critical components of digital marketing strategy. In this situation, selecting the most effective email marketing software may be challenging. Email marketing automation is a brilliant notion that may provide a great deal of value without requiring a significant amount of effort daily.

According to recent research, businesses that use automation solutions get double the number of leads as those who send out bulk emails to their customers. Another way to say it is that if you own or run a business that conducts business online, email marketing automation is certainly something you should look into.

If you’re an Amazon seller who hasn’t used one of these programs yet, it’s strongly suggested that you do so. The customer feedback and review management software detailed below is excellent to start.


  • 1. ActiveCampaign

Customer relationship management and marketing platform ActiveCampaign is easy to use, but it is mighty. It allows you to manage your relationships and automate email campaigns quickly and straightforwardly. Apart from many features and connections, it also includes an active and vast learning platform continuously updated.

By using ActiveCampaign, you can completely automate your email marketing and turn your prospects into regular clients without having to do any more work on your end. If you migrate from another email marketing service, they will move your account to them at no cost. If you want to automate your marketing, you may set up email automation, segment your customers, or use simple procedures to achieve your objectives.

The automation options in ActiveCampaign might potentially save you a considerable lot of time. Please take advantage of their targeted email marketing to provide your customers with the specific information they want to receive. They include an email marketing capability that allows you to send newsletters and other messages to your consumers carefully suited to their interests and preferences.


  • 2. A.M.Z. Finder, Inc.

AMZ Finder is one of the most influential pieces of software available for Amazon Feedback & Reviews, and it is especially beneficial for small-scale users. The software is reasonably priced, and consumers have access to an infinite amount of email storage space. You can get started right away since the process of registering and activating accounts is straightforward. Even with its higher price, the premium version is very cost-effective compared to the features offered to consumers. AMZFinder is a legitimate resource for business owners worldwide who want to expand their operations. Through the proper processing of customer feedback, AMZFinder helps increase Amazon revenue.


  • 3. Feedback Whiz 

Feedback Whiz is a platform that integrates order management, email automation, and feedback monitoring into a single user experience, which is called the Feedback Whiz Dashboard. Their suite of tools may assist merchants in persuading more Amazon customers to post favorable product evaluations and seller feedback on their items and services on the Amazon platform. On the other hand, Feedback Whiz is all-encompassing, with features ranging from integrated order administration to monitoring and alerting functionality. Using Feedback Whiz, Amazon FBA sellers can improve their product reviews, fix nasty comments, automate their email follow-up procedures, and ultimately increase their FBA sales volume and profitability.

All of your orders, customer data, and order analytics can be synced and integrated into a single platform interface that is simple to use, saving you time and money. If you do this, you will save time and will be able to devote more attention to marketing your products. Using successful email sequences tailored to specific goods and consumer patterns, you may increase your sales. Custom templates may be made even more effective by integrating emojis, animated gifs, file attachments, and custom HTML in your conversations and communications. The effectiveness of Facebook ads may be evaluated by running A/B tests on them, tracking their open rates, and downloading customer data, which can then be used to create custom audiences or lookalike campaigns to retarget current customers.


  • 4. Xsellco

This program is a convenient multi-channel solution that allows clients to monitor and manage many platforms simultaneously from a single user account on the Xsellco platform, which is very suitable for them. It identifies and eliminates negative customer feedback, ensuring that their opinions do not influence the user’s overall experience. The filtering is based on the passage of time so that only information from customers who got their products on time is taken into account.

You highly recommend that you use XSellco Feedback Automation, a robust application for automating feedback requests on Amazon and other channels. The ability to make intelligent, targeted recommendations may aid you in obtaining positive feedback and raising the rating of your product. As soon as you’ve automated your questions, you’ll be able to sit back and relax as you await the results of your inquiries.


  • 5. AWeber

The email automation feature of AWeber may be able to aid you in raising your Amazon review rates without requiring you to put in any more effort on your part. Our drag-and-drop campaign designer lets you construct email automation flows in minutes with only a few clicks. Depending on the links they open and the emails they see, subscribers may be identified, and campaigns can be launched in response to their actions. They can also get personalized welcome emails, which can be delivered to them.

For email marketing and automation platforms, Aweber is a basic but cost-effective option for anybody, starting with email marketing and automation solutions. Several techniques, including automated email campaigns and subscriber segmentation tools, are used to convert passive prospects into active customers.

Make the Most of Amazon’s Best Email Automation Software by Following These Steps.

These Amazon tools are very versatile and may be customized to match the user’s specific needs. Changing the available services or mixing and matching the benefits of different technologies might help people solve their problems more effectively. Examples of how Amazon feedback and automation technologies are put to use include the following:


  • Create an email template to get things started.

Right, you started selling on Amazon to supplement your income rather than pursue a career as a professional copywriter, correct? Make use of third-party services to aid you in developing and executing Amazon-approved messages that your customers will find helpful and exciting.

Examples include the seven pre-made email templates provided by the Seller Labs PRO Amazon seller tool, which you may use to offer customer help, express thanks for your customers’ loyalty, or deliver an instructional PDF to your consumers.


  • Brand loyalty is increased as a result of receiving relevant emails.

The effectiveness of your email messages will increase dramatically if they are relevant to the buyer’s purchase experience. Aside from having a well-defined aim, the news you deliver should also be relevant to the buyer’s journey at the time of purchase. Email automation may be of assistance to you in this effort. Consider using the Amazon Review Request template if the goal of your letter is to solicit a product review, for instance.


  • The use of timely warnings helps to increase conversions.

For an Amazon seller message to be effective, the email must reach the consumer appropriately. They’ll likely want additional instructions if the item they’ve purchased requires assembly, which will ensure that they get the most out of the item they’ve purchased. It is preferable in this scenario to send your message after the delivery has been marked as delivered to avoid receiving negative feedback from customers. You would not have been able to do this effectively without email automation.


  • Make an impactful statement.

When it comes to building a brand, you can—and must—go far further than just having a logo. You must speak about the products you sell on Amazon in a particular manner to have a strong brand image. Besides the opportunity to offer a fantastic product, each automated email you send to a client is an excellent opportunity to foster a positive brand image.


  • Incorporate your company’s branding into all of your communications

The most efficient method of communicating a brand message is via visuals. Because of this, images should be included in the emails that you send to your clients. Seller Labs PRO’s templates allow you to use a brand’s logo to distinguish yourself and your products from the competition. Nonetheless, Amazon’s messaging policy for consumers and sellers bans the inclusion or display of your website inside a logo or trademark. In addition, it is not feasible to include the product image variable. Because of this, building high brand awareness is essential whenever possible. The fact that you have a strong brand means that people are more likely to think positively of you and are more inclined to buy from you.


  • Make use of tags and advanced filters to your advantage.

Using Seller Labs’ 10 different message filters may send automated emails to your customers. Whether it’s an Amazon shipping announcement email or a product review request a month after delivery, you may confidently send messages when they’re the most suitable and relevant for the situation.


  • Expectations for the outcome

When you automate follow-up emails for each ASIN you sell, you have the opportunity to improve the buyer’s experience by proactively developing a channel of communication. For the consumer to contact you instead of Amazon in an issue, this is critical information to have. It is less likely that customer support will escalate if everything is handled in-house. If you begin engaging your customers professionally and timely, you will see an increase in repeat business. To acquire honest product evaluations and seller feedback, it is best to contact repeat customers and ask them to share their opinion and experience with others.


Amazon feedback and automation solutions may be able to aid you in delivering automatic responses to current reviews of your product on the Amazon marketplace. Using automated solutions, and you may get responses to your requests in a short amount of time. Customers like the rapid answers since they feel as if they are being cared for. These little efforts lead to the formation of a favorable brand image, which has a long-term impact on the company’s reputation.

Furthermore, there may be times when you cannot physically check your product evaluations, which is acceptable given the nature of the business. When you are away on business or personal travel, you may not access your account. When you are away from your company, Amazon feedback and automation software will come to your assistance and assist you in maintaining a positive reputation with your consumers while you are gone.


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