What to Do When Amazon Removes or Blocks All My Reviews?

What to Do When Amazon Removes or Blocks All My Reviews?

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There are many instances where Amazon sellers have to face removal or blocking of their accounts. And, in most cases, the reviews get removed as well. It causes frustration in sellers as for them every review matters. 

In this guide, you will learn why such a situation occurs and how you can protect yourself. Let’s begin. 

What Exactly Happened?

It is hard to specify what are the exact details and the company does not share a word on what they do behind the scenes.

They do not provide any official statements to clarify why the reviews have been blocked or deleted. However, here we have mentioned three scenarios that are reported by users:

  1. Blocked: It’s a tricky scenario. Here sellers are unaware that buyer’s reviews for their products have been blocked. It’s a highly frustrating situation for sellers. As buyers inform sellers that they are unable to post reviews for their products. However, it is not confirmed how long the block will last. 


  1. Deleted: In some instances, sellers report that as sales go up, the reviews they receive go down. It is a daunting situation for sellers as they don’t miss any step such as using Amazon’s email feedback tool that requests a review for every buyer. 


  1. Limiting: It happens when a product has a limit on how many reviews can be published per day. It generally takes around 3-5 days for most users who have reported this issue. However, limiting reviews also depends on verified or unverified. 

Furthermore, there could be an instance where your listing has been flagged due to unusual or suspicious behavior. It happens when there is a high volume of unverified reviews and also caused by review bots. 

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Amazon Account is Wiped

In some cases where your amazon account is removed or wiped then you can reach out to Amazon. If your account is removed by mistake then you might get back all your reviews. 

In most cases, Amazon doesn’t wipe off your reviews. And, companies suppress those reviews from their product page to avoid others reading them.

Therefore, you may have a high chance that your reviews will be reinstated. However, in a few cases, people do not get full reinstated access.

Unable to Reinstate Account?

As there might be a high chance that you won’t get your previous Amazon account reinstated. Then the final option you have is to create a new account.

And, continue reviewing. However, make sure to avoid adding the same information to your new account. 

In addition, if you got tracked by Amazon’s system being the same person using two email addresses then your new account will be restricted. Follow the below list to avoid any restriction:

  • Clear your History and cookies.
  • Add a new or unique name.
  • Include a  new email id.
  • Use a new mailing address.
  • Add a new payment option.
  • Use a new IP address.

Points to be Considered

Here are the few things that need to be  considered to avoid getting your Amazon account removed or blocked:

  • Avoid violating amazon’s policy and guidelines. If done otherwise it will lead to the suspension of the account. 
  • Avoid offering refunds or incentives to the buyers after they purchase items and leave a review.
  • Avoid asking a customer who left a Bad review to change or remove it full stop instead work on the right methods to fix the situation in the future.
  • Use professional words in the feedback emails for asking buyers to leave you a positive review.


Everyone avoids the critical situation of getting their Amazon account blocked or removed. For sellers, it becomes an arduous task to get their reviews reinstated if removed from Amazon. It would be much better to remove the fake or misleading reviews that cause losing credibility of your sales. 

Moreover, if you are a reviewer then make sure to stay honest and transparent in the process. Avoid taking any offers or compensation from sellers for writing good reviews. Nevertheless, it will only cause risk for your account. However, if anything happens by mistake then you always have an option of creating a new Amazon account. 

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Good Luck!