ZonJump: Overview, Pricing, Coupons, and Discount

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ZonJump: Overview, Pricing, Coupons, and Discount




There are a lot of product launch strategies that help Amazon sellers to improve product ranking and sales. Furthermore, it is a product launch software that allows merchants to enhance their product ranking by using high discount coupons. In this article, we will discuss how ZonJump works for launching your Amazon Products. Let’s do a detailed ZonJump review.


Amazon has more than 12 million products from which customers search for the desired ones which satisfy their needs. Nowadays, Amazon is a widely used platform for purchasing products compared to other e-commerce platforms. 


If you are an Amazon seller, the chances are that thousands of products are similar to yours and you need to create a unique identity of your product so id doesn’t get lost in the crowd. You need to focus on the goal to get your product to the first page so the buyers can see and buy it. 


ZonJump is an Amazon seller software that helps sellers to launch their products. This is a tool that helps boost your ranking, grow your sales and let your Amazon business grow.


ZonJump is built by Facebook and Amazon marketing experts. It drives external Facebook traffic to your Amazon listing to improve the product ranking of selected keywords. ZonJump was started in the year 2017 by its CEO and founder, Leo Limin. For now, it’s supported in the Amazon US Market only. 


ZonJump Pricing


Pricing depends upon the number of promos that your buyer has claimed.


ZonJump has six pricing plans. They include:


1. Less than 100 coupons – $1.50 per coupon

2. 101-200 coupons – $1.40 per coupon

3. 201- 300 coupons – $1.30 per coupon

4. 301-400 coupons – $1.20 per coupon

5. 401-500 coupons – $1.10 per coupon

6. More than 501 coupons – $1 per coupon


If you are not sure how many coupons you need, you can request a quote. 


Following is a list of some features you will enjoy:

Run Time 15 days

Keyword tracking

Monitoring and guidance from experts.

Keyword Targeting (up to 5 keywords).


Pricing with others add-on services:


1. ZonPages


Pricing on the ZonPages includes 3 plans.

1. Starter plan – $19.95 per month

2. Business plan – $14.95 per month

3. Enterprise plan – $99.95 per month


ZonPages offers a 30-day trial for $1.


2. ZonWords


ZonWords has three pricing plans.

1. Starter plan – $9.95 per month

2. Business plan – $49.95 per month

3. Professional plan – $99.95 per month


Coupons and Discounts


For coupons, you can copy and paste all the coupons you want to use for your campaign. By using your Amazon Seller Central account you can create your single-use Amazon Promo codes. The next step is to set the coupon expiration date. 


This expiration date should be one day before your Amazon promo code expires. For example, if your code expires on the 10th of September, you should set your coupon expiration date to September 11th. 


Moreover, make sure that the promo code is not expired and is still valid for at least two weeks after you plan to end your ZonJump campaign.


The Next step is to input the maximum number of coupons you want to give out per day. For example, if you are going to give out 400 coupons for 10 days, the number of coupons per day should be 40.


After that, the next field is the full price. This is the total price of your Amazon Product listing before ZonJump activates your coupon. Additionally, you don’t need to change your listing price during the product launch. 


ZonJump will provide the listing price on the input on your account dashboard. The shoppers may not use the ZonJump coupon codes in case when prices are different. 


Then, You have to enter your discount amount for your promo code. ZonJump recommends at least a 90% discount to help sellers to achieve a high claim rate. 



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