Grow a profitable amazon business.

How it started

Over the last 6 years,

We’ve built…
100+ multimillion amazon businesses,
20 amazon-oriented software for 30+ companies

Then we built AsinWiser.

Our founders have extensive experience in Amazon selling, as well as in software delivery, property management, and pharmaceuticals. The stakeholders of Asinwiser are experts in artificial intelligence, innovative thinking, and software development.
In our pursuit to build truly profitable amazon businesses, we encountered first-hand problems every seller faces to grow a successful amazon business.
We tried every tool in the market and saw that most tools are patchy; forcing customers to jump from one tool to another to solve multiple problems-which is more costly and hectic.
So, we understand the pain and struggles amazon sellers are constantly faced with. And to solve these problems, we built AsinWiser, a powerful suite with every tool Amazon sellers need, ranging from product research to restocking the next winning idea – all in one place.

Our Team and Coverage

We have a 40-man team of self-driven and passionate individuals with expertise in digital marketing, website development, and software development.
Our offices are in the USA, U.K, Australia India Uae and we serve all 19 Amazon marketplaces. As part of our company’s initiative, we donate to notable charities from our business and support a strong educational culture for our employees.
1:1 onboarding with our friendly customer support team

Our Values

Customer Obssessed

We hyperfocus on providing our customers with the best services because we embody the customer-first approach.


We believe in a mindset that is invention-driven and is in constant pursuit to improve our services for our customers and grow their businesses.

Long-term thinking

We believe in long-term thinking regarding our business because it helps us envision a better and more secure future ahead.

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Customers reviews

“While focusing on the competitive pricing, I didn`t realize how much profit we`ve lost on the way. Global Seller app provided our company to see our pricing parameters with 100% transparency and accuracy.”
Lina Roy
Amazon Seller, United States
“Adjusting prices for multiple countries without missing profitability has been always a pain. Thank you, Global Seller team, for making this so easy for us.”
Erdal Kara
Amazon Seller, Turkey
“In the past, we lost so much money as exchange rates fluctuated heavily.Asinwiser's team automated price updates based on exchange rates saved us!”
Wei Zhang
Amazon Seller, China