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Amazon SEO: How To Rank Your Product In 2022

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There are millions of products currently listed on Amazon. There’s a chance that whatever product you’re selling is also being listed by several other persons or brands. So how do you get your product discovered first and how do you get buyers to reach your product listing?
It all boils down to SEO. Yes, Amazon SEO is a thing and it is a great strategy to boost your sales and product discovery among the hundreds of other products being listed on Amazon daily.

In this article, we would examine what Amazon SEO is all about, why you need it, and how to carry out the optimization to boost your sales in 2022.

Let’s get right to it.

What Is Amazon SEO

Just like Google and other search engines, Amazon relies on its algorithm to evaluate search results.

When the results are returned for the search query, they are arranged in chronological order and the products that would appear from first to the last are displayed according to how well they match the search intent and filters where necessary.

Most of the time, the buyer would go through the first few products before they make their choice and then eventually make a purchase.
Your chances of making sales are greatly improved by how high your products appear on the results pages.

This is where SEO comes in.

Amazon SEO is a strategic process of optimizing the descriptions, prices, titles, images, etc of product listings to help them appear higher on the search results to boost conversion rates, and sales, and improve product discovery.

Optimizing your product listings on Amazon improves your conversion rates, drives more traffic to your product page, improves your brand’s visibility, and ultimately improves your sales.

Now that you know what Amazon SEO is, let’s look at some of the instances your optimization efforts would be put to test.

Amazon Search Results

When shoppers type the name or description of the products they’re looking for on amazon, only products that fit the description or the keyword in the search query would be listed in the first few pages and then other products that have a close relation to the search query would also be listed.

Optimizing your product listing on Amazon would ensure that your product ranks higher for the search queries relating to your product.

Results Filters

To get closer to finding the products they’re actually in search of, shoppers can filter their results after they’ve typed in their keywords, and products that are the most related to the one they want to purchase would be listed first.

When you have optimized your product listings carefully, your products would have a better chance of getting discovered with the use of these filters.

Some of the filters that are available on Amazon are as follows.

Pricing(high or low)

    New arrivals or new releases
    Featured Items
    Date uploaded

Amazon Search Algorithm

Before we go into the discussion about how you can optimize your product listings on Amazon, it is of great importance that we consider how the Amazon search algorithm works. This would help you understand why Amazon SEO is necessary in the first place.

The underlying search algorithm for Amazon is known as A9. A9 is a subsidiary of Amazon, a company on its own that developed Amazon’s search engine advertising technology.

A9 depends on a simple keyword search method with regard to the relevance and performance of the products.

If you want your products to rank higher on the Amazon search engine, you have to make use of several relevant terms relating to your product, keeping in mind different keyword variations and regard to misspellings.

So to get your product to rank on the Amazon search engine, you should optimize for visibility, relevance, and improving conversions.
Moving forward, let’s talk about the best ways you can hack Amazon SEO and optimize your product listing s to improve your sales and product discovery.

Amazon SEO Best Practices

This is where it gets interesting.

Your goal for listing your products on Amazon is to make sales right? Let’s talk about how you can do that with Amazon SEO.
In the next few sections, we’ll be discussing different ways you can optimize your product listings on Amazon to get more shoppers to view them and eventually make a purchase.

Product Titles

This is probably the most important part of your overall optimization strategy. When it comes to relevance, the first and most important factor is the product title.

When you go to Amazon and you type in the name of a product you’re in search of, the first products that would be listed are the ones with the keywords in that search query in their title.

Thus, your first concern when it comes to Amazon SEO should be to optimize your product titles to suit the possible search queries for the product that you have listed.
For instance, when you search for listing led lights on Amazon, the titles of the first few products listed all have “led lights” or “led strip lights” in them.

These keywords are very specific as they are the exact words a potential shopper would type in when they’re searching for that particular product you have for sale.

Try as much as you can to optimize your product titles for search intent. Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes, what would you type in the search box if you wanted to buy that product?

You should also factor in potential misspellings, dimensions or sizes of the product, colors, brand name, quality, ingredients or materials for making the product, and so on.

Similar to SEO being carried out on blogs, you can also carry out keyword research for your Amazon SEO. You can check out the keywords your competitors are using to help them rank higher on the results pages and you can make use of the same.

Tools like the Keyword Inspector and Helium10 have been developed to make your work easier, for you to carry out your keyword research more effectively, and to discover high-ranking product listings.

Product Description

The benefits and features of the product should also be carefully optimized to help shoppers evaluate and access the full description of the product.

Although the product description is not a major ranking factor in Amazon SEO, it’s a major tool when it comes to persuading customers to make a purchase.

Try to talk more about the benefits of your products, and then the features, ingredients or materials, uses of the product, and some other descriptions that might help the shopper understand everything they might need to know about the product.

You should also include the shipping and packaging information so the buyer knows when how they’ll get their purchase.

To make the product description easier for the shopper to read, put the features of the product in bullet points. Most shoppers would scroll to where the bullet points are so they can scan through the features or uses of the product.

Don’t forget to follow all product detail page rules and policies in your description.

Product Prices

Product prices are one of the quick ways to get your product discovered faster on Amazon. One of the most common filters people add to their searches on Amazon is product prices.

Whenever you’re setting the price for your products, always check the prices being used by your competition for products identical to yours.

If you cannot lower your prices to beat that of your competitor, try to match them to theirs. It’s best to lower your prices if you can as shoppers are always in search of the best prices for the item they want to purchase and no one would intentionally purchase costly items when there are cheaper items of the same quality.

Optimize Product Images

Amazon SEO is not only about the text on your product listing. Optimizing your product images is also very important. If you want to attract more shoppers to check out your products, the images you use for them need optimization. That also stands true for the custom printed boxes images in your articles and product description.

Now optimization of the product images, unlike the description or product title, has to do with quality.
Make use of high-resolution and HD images for your products so potential buyers can see them as clearly as possible. The higher your image quality, the higher your chances of making a sale. Images with bad resolutions are often linked to fake products.

Show various angles in your product image, highlight all its important features, and the best background on Amazon product images are white.

Also, includes as many as 6 images for each of your products and if possible, include a video to better show the features of your product.
You can check out Seller Central Product Image Guidelines for more information on product image requirements.

Optimize Backend Search Terms

It’s not good practice to stuff your product title or description with search keywords. There are indeed a lot of keywords that match your product listing, but having all of them in the product title would just make it ugly and unreadable.
A solution to this issue is the backend search terms. Shoppers would not be able to see the keywords and you can add as many keyword variations as you can to improve your discoverability on the Amazon product page.
With the backend search terms, you can enter synonyms of your product, keyword variations, phrases, abbreviations, and possible misspellings of the product name.
While doing this, try not to repeat keywords, you don’t need to do that. Also, you can avoid punctuation and conjunctions. They’re also not necessary.


Due to the increasing popularity of digital marketing, millions of products have been listed on Amazon, and thousands of them are being listed daily. The product you have for sale is probably listed on hundreds of other product pages already.
Standing out amid all these products may seem difficult but with a good understanding of Amazon SEO, you would have a fair chance of getting your product to the top of Amazon search results pages.
With the points listed in this article and the tips that have been given on Amazon SEO best practices, you should be able to optimize your product listings to improve traffic and boost sales of your products.
Remember, the key Amazon SEO ranking factors are relevance, visibility, and performance. These are the three major factors you need to optimize for.

When you have optimized your product listings with these three ranking factors in mind, you would see your products ranking higher on Amazon search results pages and your desired sales would start trooping in.

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