Asinwiser vs. Scan Unlimited: Elevating Your Amazon Research Game

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In the vast world of Amazon research tools, two names often come up: Asinwiser and ScanUnlimited. While both offer unique features, Asinwiser stands out for several reasons. Let’s delve into why Asinwiser might be the superior choice for Amazon professionals.

1. Comprehensive Overview of Amazon:

ASINWiser provides a holistic bird’s eye view of Amazon. Users can seamlessly navigate from top-level categories to brands, products, and finally, search terms. This intuitive flow offers the most browsable Amazon data experience available.

2. Advanced Filtering Capabilities:

With over a million brands and sellers on Amazon, sifting through them can be daunting. Asinwiser’s advanced filters allow users to pinpoint brands and sellers that match specific criteria in mere seconds. Whether you’re scouting private label brands or identifying brands that don’t sell to Amazon Retail, Asinwiser is the go-to tool.

3. A Suite of Cutting-Edge Tools:

Asinwiser isn’t just a research tool; it’s an entire suite designed to optimize your Amazon business. From a profit-focused FBA calculator to innovative keyword tools like Keyword Detective and Relevancy Quadrant, Asinwiser is at the forefront of Amazon research technology.

4. Detailed Insights Across Multiple Dimensions:

Asinwiser offers granular data across various dimensions:

Root Category: Understand top-level revenue, the number of brands, and ASINs.
Subcategory: Gain insights into market share, historical revenue, and average pricing.
Brand: Dive deep into international marketplaces, subcategories, search terms, and advertising data.
Seller: Explore categories, brands, products, and historical seller ratings.
Product: Analyze frequently bought together items, historical revenue, variations, and more.
Keywords: Understand the organic impression reach over time, variations, and advertising insights.
5. Trusted by Industry Leaders:

Top Amazon aggregators and agencies rely on ASINWiser daily, a testament to its reliability and efficiency. The platform’s foundation is built on over a decade of Amazon selling experience, ensuring it addresses real-world challenges faced by sellers.


While ScanUnlimited offers its set of features, ASINWiser’s comprehensive suite, advanced filtering, and detailed insights make it a top choice for Amazon professionals. If you’re looking to elevate your Amazon research game, ASINWiser might just be the tool you’ve been searching for.

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