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8 Best Amazon FBA Alternatives for Sellers in 2022

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8 Best Amazon FBA Alternatives for Sellers in 2022


Whether you are a small seller on a budget or you want to grow your business fast, there are many Amazon FBA alternatives you can use. These alternatives include eFulfillment services, Alibaba, and AliExpress. This article will cover a few of these services.


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SixLeaf is an eCommerce platform that can help you scale your FBA business easily and quickly. Founded in 2013, this platform already serves over 50K customers. Its revenue is expected to hit $12M in 2019 and includes many useful features for running your Amazon FBA business. SixLeaf’s auto-review feature and ZonBlast Next tool help you find the best products to sell on Amazon, and they also offer some branded URLs and a business dashboard.


The company’s automated listing and repricing features are impressive, and the platform can also cross-list your Amazon inventory to other sites such as eBay. With SixLeaf, you’ll save hundreds of hours every month on listing. The company also provides expert help to help you expand your business and attract an audience.


Zonblast – While this platform boasts some impressive features and a large number of positive reviews, it’s priced a little too high for the average Amazon FBA seller. Moreover, it’s a bit intimidating for newcomers.


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If you’re a small or medium-sized seller, you might want to consider using eFulfillment service instead of Amazon FBA. The service has a low minimum order requirement – 21k orders per year – which is perfect for mommy bloggers or DIY sellers. In addition, Bolt offers custom pricing upon request.


Another excellent option for small businesses is Shipwire. This fulfillment service has warehouses in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, and is the only one that ships to multiple countries. It also offers an inventory accuracy rate of 99.8%, a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time, and 20 dollars in compensation if it can’t deliver on the promised date.


As an Amazon seller, you must pay several fees for inventory and shipping. In addition, you can’t use your own brand on Amazon products. They also charge you a monthly fee for keeping them in a warehouse. This fee is not predictable and could increase as Amazon raises fees without warning. Lastly, there are several other limitations. Amazon limits the number of new products you can keep in inventory, but it depends on your IPI score. If you don’t have a high IPI score, you won’t face such restrictions.


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Alibaba is a business-to-business online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Through its platform, brands and contractors can create custom private-label products, which can then be sold on the Internet and offline. Unlike other online marketplaces, Alibaba enables companies to buy goods in bulk and resell them.


Alibaba has one of the largest databases of manufacturers and companies in the world. Although there are some issues with scams and shady suppliers, the platform is still the preferred B2B marketplace for eCommerce businesses. While it might not be as popular as Amazon, there are many great manufacturers and sellers on the site. Plus, setting up an account is free. Once you find a manufacturer or seller, you can pay through the platform.


If you’re thinking about selling on Alibaba, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to invest in products, monitor quality, and be able to ship them fast. You’ll also need to be flexible because Amazon often changes policies twice a year, which can hurt your profits. Furthermore, you’ll have to constantly improve and expand your brand’s brand image.




AliExpress is a mega marketplace that offers a large variety of items for a low price. You can source products for dropshipping or create a branded product and sell it on your own website. This method is a great way to find unique products and keep shipping costs low.


AliExpress offers a huge selection of products, and it ships worldwide. The vast majority of products come with detailed images, so shoppers can see the product from various angles. Because these images are open-source, you can reuse them on your website.


There are a few drawbacks to AliExpress. It’s not as user-friendly as Amazon. The biggest drawback is that you have to send your product to an Amazon distribution center, where it has to fulfill orders. If you don’t have enough stock, you lose money. Alibaba’s service allows you to ship your products directly to your customers without having to send them to Amazon’s fulfillment center. Furthermore, suppliers on AliExpress will factor the cost of freight into their prices, so you can avoid unnecessary costs.


Another advantage of selling on AliExpress is that you have complete control over prices. It’s possible to sell your products across different channels, and you can adapt your marketing to other platforms. The platform has a huge selection of products and is very affordable for other businesses.


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