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5 Best Amazon Product Research Tools Free & Paid

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5 Best Amazon Product Research Tools Free & Paid


If you are thinking of launching your products on Amazon to sell them online, you might be confused between so many available options of tools. It is hard to decide which is the best Amazon products tool to have enough Amazon marketplace research data for you. 


Many different tools are available for amazon product research, and we have easily made this list of 5 Amazon product research tools to find trending keywords, pricing guidance, or sales assessments. Let’s explore these tools. 


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What is An Amazon Product Research Tool?


First of all, let’s understand basic things about these Amazon product analytics tools. Some online platforms offer such tools to help sellers of Amazon to have important data about products and guidelines on how to sell them properly. 


Such tools have ample data about price history, keyword search volume, keywords trending on Amazon and difficulty, competitor activity tracking, and more. Using tools’ information, sellers have clearer ideas about sales prospects and can benefit from future possibilities. 


Each platform offers Amazon seller product search tools with some unique functionalities, but they mostly offer the same, which may help you with projections, data repository, catalog and more. 


Top 5 Best Amazon Product Research Tools (Free & Paid)


1. Jungle Scout 


Jungle Scout is a SaaS-based, most popular amazon products tool for inventory management and sales intelligence. Users can track their business’s performance with amazon product analytics and reports. It also helps them analyze trends to determine which products sell the best. 


Jungle Scout Aliexpress also offers a Supplier Tracker that keeps the details of your suppliers and customs data in one place. Amazon compare products feature allows you to compare quotes and suppliers with ease. The system also allows organizing products into groups and reviewing them. Another great feature of Jungle Scout is its ability to save a product’s filters. It will save you time in the product research stage. 


Monthly Pricing Plans Are:


Basic Plan: $49/ month

Suite Plan: $69/ month

Professional Plan: $129/ month


You can also buy a yearly subscription. 


2. Helium 10 


Helium 10 is the trusted tool from Amazon for eCommerce sellers, with cutting-edge training resources and thought leadership. The inventory management tool helps entrepreneurs avoid over-ordering products and provides automated restock suggestions. It also provides stock forecasting data. It also helps users calculate their profit margins and ROI, which is crucial to the health of any business. It is also capable of analyzing top Amazon products and stock trends. It also has a chat support agent available between 8 am and midnight PST.


3 different plans are offered by Helium 10:


Free Plan: For beginners with access to the basics

Platinum Plan of $97/ month 

Diamond Plan of $197/ month 

Enterprise Plan with custom pricing


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3. SellerApp


SellerApp offers data analytics tools such as competitor lookup, PPC optimization, FBA tools, and more. It is the best Amazon keyword research tool. It helps you to understand and track your profitability and the competition. The SellerApp app offers features like Product Alerts to monitor the strategies of other sellers. Other features include sales process tracking and real-time order notifications. The tool also has many Amazon product research tools to increase your sales. SellerApp can also help you increase your revenue by displaying cost-level information on your products.


SellerApp helps you analyze hundreds of products across the Amazon market research and creates a dashboard that includes revenue estimates, competition intensity, reviews, and rating trends. 


Pricing plans:


  1. Amazon Sellers (Self-service):


Pro Lite Plan: $99/ month

Professional Plan: $199/ month

Enterprise Plan: custom pricing


  1. Managed Service (Professionally-managed seller accounts):


Keyword Optimization + Listing Creation: $350/ parent ASIN

Professionally managed services – Amazon PPC: starts at $699/ month


4. IO Scout


IO Scout is a powerful software application with a comprehensive suite of tools for new and seasoned sellers, including an inventory tracker, amz scout sales estimator, and more. The interface is easy to use and provides an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers. 


IO Scout is also useful for finding profitable products. Users can search products using their ASIN codes and even opt-in to receive hourly product updates. This feature is particularly helpful if you want to cash in on hot items on Amazon selling fast. Another great feature is its free sales estimates based on various data. It also has a search engine optimization tool and product listing optimizer, ensuring your listings are optimized for the right keywords. It also features a floating live-chat icon connecting you with a live agent within seconds.


Pricing Plans:


IO Scout offers a free trial of its product tracking tools at Amazon or a more affordable Pro plan. The Pro version allows you to search and track up to 10 products simultaneously. 


1 month: $39/ month

3 months: $33/ month

12 months: $25/ month


5. Viral Launch


Viral Launch is a platform that helps people promote products and find niches. It has a feature of Amazon Product Research tool to find the most popular products and gives you insights into the competition. It also has a keyword generator, which will help you find the right keywords for your product and list them in the right places on Amazon.


This tool provides real-time data on the products being sold on Amazon. Viral Launch product discovery is useful if you are new to the platform and can give you insights on expanding your product empire.


You can also learn about online marketing with Viral Launch. The company offers educational materials, guides, and 24/7 customer service. It also provides users access to a community that helps them get started by just doing Viral Launch login. You can get the most out of the amazon market intelligence with Viral Launch. 


Pricing plans:


MI Extension Plan: $25/ month

Beginner Plan: $59/ month

Pro Plan: $99/ month

Brand Builder: $149/ month

Kinetic: $199/ month


Final Words


So these are the 5 of many amazon tools. Find out which one is best for you and your business. Stay tuned to know more about such tools.


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