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The 10 Best Amazon Seller Forums & Communities You Should Join

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The success of your Amazon business depends on several factors, and there’s no shortage of resources available to sellers that can help you increase your sales and boost your profits.

One area that many sellers often overlook, however, is participating in online forums and communities dedicated to helping Amazon sellers succeed at running their businesses on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.
Here are the top 10 forums and communities you should join if you want to be an Amazon seller who can proudly say they have made it in business.

What Are Amazon Seller Forums?

Amazon forums are virtual places where successful sellers have discussed their journey with others and offered advice on everything from product selection to FBA sales strategies. Simply put, they’re a gathering place for entrepreneurs.
However, the forums are broken down into various sections to suit the needs of members-to-be, such as Private Labels or Collectibles. By finding one that suits your current needs, you can ask questions and offer advice.

Nevertheless, one thing you will find common to most forums is the rule of conduct. Each forum will have its guidelines to which each member should adhere. You may have your account suspended if you violate any of its guidelines. This is why it’s essential to read the rules before posting anything.

Top 10 Best Amazon Seller Forums

Amazon FBA Warriors forum

Amazon FBA Warriors is an online community (Facebook Group) for those interested in or selling products on Amazon. It offers resources, tips, tricks and support to help you get your business up and running! Signing up is free, so I recommend joining if you are interested in selling products on the world’s largest retail site.

It should be the first forum to visit if you are new to selling on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central is one of the first sites sellers should visit to get questions answered and answers on selling on Amazon.

The official knowledge centre of Amazon includes 14 categories that cover a wide range of subjects that range from Seller Fulfilled prime as well as Amazon Pay to products that are restricted and how to start. There’s also a myriad of sticky threads that guide you in the right direction for frequently asked questions.

Amazon Sellers

The appropriately called Amazon Seller is a different Facebook community for those selling on the marketplace online. Amazon Sellers is a Facebook group that’s been active since 2007!

With 601 posts over these last thirty days, Amazon Sellers is a site to share information and seek guidance on selling on Amazon worldwide. There are some guidelines for posting; however, as long as you adhere to the rules, you’re good to go.

It is home to over 50k members and is extremely active, with members asking for dozens of daily posts and advice.


It is a good option for merchants who sell on Amazon or eBay. It shares news, updates, best practices, life-proven tips and insights. You can also access webinars for free. You can also access the “Insider” section to learn more about the key retail industry players.

Many eCommerce professionals are users of the website. They are often invited to participate in online events open to Tamebay members.

Web Retailer

Another useful forum allows you to keep up-to-date and use the most recent industry trends. It offers a wealth of tutorials, how-tos and guides. Additionally, it provides an overview of Amazon’s products and categories. The latter section can be used to find the best price and guide you in your search for the winning product.

Contributors to the website share many winning pricing strategies. Some even recommend using special tools for price optimization.


Reddit is another online community that allows Amazon sellers to share, interact, and compare their experiences selling.

There are also weekly Q&A sections. It features a clear status bar which allows merchants to navigate the suitable sections fast.

Warrior Forum

It’s a classic forum with many active users. There are no pre-developed materials. Instead, users ask questions and receive insightful answers. This forum is a great place to ask questions about a specific topic and receive an answer from others who have experienced the same issue.

This forum is focused on digital marketing. Make sure you use it during your marketing strategy development phase. Each topic covers a specific task or marketing channel.

Startup Bros

Imagine you were long looking for an Amazon discussion board, an Amazon community forum, and other places where FBA sellers could access valuable and practical information. With Startup Bros, these no longer exist.
You will see the best tips, tricks, and life hacks on working from home, selling on Amazon, and joining other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs on this platform.

UK Business Forums

UK Business Forums (UKBF) is a great resource for small business knowledge, debate and advice. It is especially true if you sell in the UK or own a UK business.

UKBF has more than 9000 monthly users and nearly half a million monthly. It is exciting and liberating to manage a business.

You can learn a lot from other business owners through their experience. If anyone has questions about your business or needs help with a strategy or negotiating with suppliers, sales, marketing, or any other aspect, they will find someone who can help.

eCommerce Fuel

One of the most well-known digital commerce podcasts, eCommerce Fuel, has a large and influential community of 1,000 high-revenue Amazon and other platform merchants. If you’re looking for expert advice or are simply seeking to network with like-minded sellers, this may be the place for you. With more than 10,000 active topics to explore, there’s little you can’t find on this forum.


There are bunches of ways to get help with your Amazon sales and plenty of places where you can go for knowledge. The above sites are helpful information from veteran sellers who want to share their wisdom.
Look around at some of the best forums, or find a Facebook group in your area or niche. As long as you know what you’re seeking for, you’ll be able to find answers fast!

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