Effects of PPC strategy on Product Life Cycle

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Effects of PPC strategy on Product Life Cycle


This article would be helpful to understand how to strategize your amazon advertising. Let’s go into the details and try to understand how product life cycles affect PPC Strategy.


There are a number of factors involved in the success of selling products on Amazon. Images, copy, and product and service reviews play an important role in it. But the decision of advertising strategy is the life cycle of a product which involves how that affects your KPI’s. Note that KPI’s stands for Key Performance Indicators.


In addition, the success of each product is completely different in the lunch phase than it is at the end of its life. Therefore, you need to focus on that your strategy should align with what success means for a particular product at a particular time.


Furthermore, in theory, a product will go through different product life cycles during its lifespan. Moreover, each and every product faces these cycles. Due to this as an advertiser, you need to understand that creating a PPC campaign for a product in certain stages will not be as beneficial to them as creating the campaign in a later or earlier stage. 


So for this, you need to ensure to give a campaign to your product when it needs to. Let’s discuss how PPC relates to product life cycles:


1. Research and development


Research is the basic and essential part of the process of analysis. Moreover, in the initial stage, the product needs to undergo a research and development process so innovations and improvements can be done before it goes for sale. 


Additionally, it gives an idea about the product’s success in market research. 


The objective of any PPC campaign is to entice the web user into wanting something with unique qualities, although the product is not in the market yet.


2. Introduction


This is the second stage of a product life cycle which is considered the most crucial time to have a PPC campaign up and running for your product. In addition, your product is new in the market so nobody knows about it. Therefore you have to advertise to the market that your product is for sale and this is what it does.  


3. Growth


At this stage, people are aware of your product and continue to buy them. Furthermore, you need to continuously update it for continued growth. You need to include in your campaign what sets your product apart from the market competitors.


4. Maturity 


When your growth is starting to decline, boost your PPC budget to attract more potential customers. Also, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that your product should never hit the maturity stage.


5. Decline


This is a complete total waste of money if you run a campaign at the decline stage. Although, it’s because there is nobody who really wants to buy the product from you anymore. 


So in such a case, you need to invest the money in PPC into research and development and then start the whole product life cycle again.


We will also know these by three most important stages which are:


1. Lunch Stage: In this stage, our main focus is on building awareness about our product.


2. Scale Stage: This stage is known as the performance improvement stage in which we try to boost up our growth.


3. Liquidate Stage: Liquidation is focused solely on optimizing the conversation.


We hope this article helped you to learn the effects of PPC strategy on the Product Life Cycle. Good Luck!



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