How to Protect Your Account and Products From Counterfeiters and Hijackers

How to Protect Your Account and Products From Counterfeiters and Hijackers

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Protect Your Account and Products From Counterfeiters and Hijackers

There are several ways to protect your account and products from counterfeiters. These include Customization, Bundling, Amazon Buy Box, and Dissuading counterfeiters. Using these tactics will protect you from counterfeiters and hijackers. The following are some of the best practices for protecting your products and account.


Counterfeiters and hijackers can be an issue on Amazon. These unscrupulous sellers can hijack existing listings, sell counterfeit items, and send them to your customers. Ultimately, this can hurt your sales and reputation. Here are a few ways to protect yourself from being a victim of this type of scam. First, make sure your products are branded. This will prevent counterfeiters from using your product image.

You can also register your brand on Amazon. This will help protect your products against counterfeiting and make it easier to identify and remove unethical sellers. This way, counterfeiters cannot take advantage of your efforts to build a brand.


Bundling is an excellent way to protect your products and account from counterfeiters and hijackers. Hijackers typically cannot access the product’s link because all the products must be sold together. Bundling also makes it difficult for a hijacker to copy your products because they will have to look for the other items in your bundle.

Bundling your products makes it harder for hijackers to duplicate your listings, especially when you sell generic products. This is because generic products have low manufacturing costs and fewer inventory management protocols. This makes them easy to replicate and prime targets for hijackers. Bundling similar products can deter counterfeiters and help you maintain a healthy margin.

Amazon Buy Box

A hijacked listing is a product that someone else has copied and listed on Amazon. These items are often low quality and discounted. This type of counterfeiting can affect your reputation and your buy box. If your listing is hijacked, your customers will be dissatisfied and leave negative reviews.

Hijackers will copy your product’s ASIN and sell it at a lower price. They can be Chinese counterfeiters or Alibaba suppliers, or they may even be automated software bots using algorithms. Some hijackers are even American sellers who have no previous reputation.

Dissuading counterfeiters

One of the best ways to protect your products and account from counterfeiters is to be consistent with your branding. For example, make sure your products display your brand name and logo on product images. This will deter hijackers from copying your products. Bundling related products together is another effective way to fend off counterfeiters. For example, a seller selling hiking shoes might include a Swiss army knife in the bundle. This is a highly useful tool during a camping trip. Bundled products are not easy to copy, and they will prevent counterfeiters from stealing your products.

To keep your products and account safe from counterfeiters and hijackers, follow these tips: – Never buy counterfeit or pirated products. They are often clones of your product. You can identify these products by looking at their packaging, branding, or products. Then, you can take appropriate action.

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