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How To Sell On Amazon UK – The Ultimate Guide

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How To Sell On Amazon UK – The Ultimate Guide


Amazon is the most well-known online marketplace in the UK, and that’s why many UK sellers wish to sell on Amazon UK. In the UK, almost 90% of shoppers sell on Amazon, and Amazon UK has nearly 300,000 sellers on their platform. 


Here in this guide, we’ll try our best to explain everything about Amazon UK, including why to use it, how to sign up there, and tips and tricks to increase your sales. 


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The Benefits of Selling on Amazon UK


There are many benefits of selling on Amazon UK. 


● Amazon Prime makes it easier to sell to customers in Europe.


Amazon has changed the way it cancels Prime subscriptions in Europe. The changes were announced Friday by the European Commission. Before, customers had to navigate complicated menus and confusing wording to cancel their membership. This violated European consumer law. The new cancellation process is more intuitive and requires only two clicks.


Amazon Europe has one of the fastest-growing markets outside the United States. It has a presence in more than 25 European markets. Compared to the US market, costs and competition are lower.


● Amazon manages returns on your behalf.


As a UK seller, you should know that Amazon manages returns on your behalf. However, you must be careful when using this service. It is possible to be scammed by unscrupulous sellers. 


● Amazon provides customer service.


If you’re selling on Amazon UK, you’ll benefit from Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) network. Amazon fulfills your orders from its UK-based warehouses, providing customer service support and managing returns. It also offers a variety of shipping options, including Express Post, and you can use one or all of these shipping methods if you’re selling in the UK or Europe.


● Competing with other Amazon sellers


You have to compete with other Amazon sellers if you want to succeed in selling on the site. The reason is that Amazon is a buyer’s marketplace, so you must do more than sell products. Your goal should be to get the Buy Box, where 82% of all purchases are made. If you can’t win this box, your chances of selling products are considerably less.


How to Start Selling on Amazon UK – STEP BY STEP


Let’s understand how to start it? 


● Set up a UK Bank Account (Optional)

If you own a US bank account and want to operate using it, you have to use the Amazon Currency Converter to convert British pounds to USD. So if you just want to avoid currency exchange rates, open a local UK bank account.  


● Register a European Account 

Now you have to set up an account as a seller, and for the same, you have to register a European account. And the European account is a Unified account, so you can handle all your European marketplaces using it. So you can prepare for the other Amazon markets once you are done with the UK market. 


● List Your Products

When creating your Amazon UK listings, there are several steps to follow. First, you must categorize your items. Amazon has a search bar to help you choose categories. Browse through the categories and choose the ones that apply to your product. Once you have selected a category, it is time to write a description for your listing. Ensure your listing is informative and provides valuable information to your potential customers. Your Amazon title should include the name of your product, its features, and unique selling points. A good title will help build your brand and increase sales. 


● Ship Your Products


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Before you start getting orders, you will have to think about its shipping. So here you have two options:


1. Choose a Freight Forwarder – So if you are buying your products from outside of Europe, you can either ship your product from the manufacturer to you and then to the UK or directly to the European fulfillment center. 


2. Deliver Your Products to the Clients in the UK – You have to decide about your product’s shipping to the clients. 


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Shipping and Fulfilling What Options Are Available When Selling to the UK?


Many different options are available for shipping and fulfilling your products when selling to the UK. But generally, Amazon FBA is used everywhere as it helps handle cross-border sales. It will assist you in delivering your products to your clients and handling customer service and returns on your behalf.


In Amazon FBA, there are 3 different options available in Europe:


1. European Fulfillment Network (EFN) – You can keep your products at Amazon’s fulfillment centers and then ship them across Europe.


2. Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) – You can ship your FBA product stock to various Amazon distribution centers in Europe.


3. Pan-European FBA – You can ship your products to any of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and then Amazon will handle the distribution within Europe as per requirements. 


What Regulations Do I Need to Consider When Selling to Amazon UK?


If you’re considering selling your products on Amazon UK, you should be aware of the different regulations for this market. These regulations include administrative hurdles, fees, and performance indicators. These factors can greatly affect your business and profits. Below are some of the most important considerations for selling your products on Amazon UK.


Regulations for selling to Amazon UK: First, you must register for Sales Tax and VAT


You will need to supply your products’ UPC/EAN/SKU number and product information. 


You can also choose how you ship your goods, whether you use your warehouse or Fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon will then collect your money and pay you regularly. You can download a detailed guide on Amazon’s website.


Amazon also allows you to use the Hyperwallet payment service provider. Having this account will allow you to accept payments in almost any currency and save you money on transaction fees.


There are a few different fees that you need to pay. You can use the Amazon Seller Central fee calculator to determine your fees.


Amazon uses many performance indicators to monitor your business and determine if you’re achieving your goals. These metrics can be found in Seller Central and help determine how well your business performs.  


You’ll also want to ensure that you’re meeting the rules set by Amazon to ensure success. 




So this is the guide on using Amazon UK, and I hope it will work for you. Always remember that if you cannot meet one or more of its regulations, Amazon will suspend or deactivate your account. Understanding the metrics can help you track your success and identify areas for improvement. The information contained in these metrics will also help you improve your seller rating.


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