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How to Use Amazon Inventory Reports in Seller Central

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How to Use Amazon Inventory Reports in Seller Central



Amazon has a variety of reports available for sellers in Seller Central. These include the Active Listings Report, Inventory health report, and Fulfillment reports. These reports can be customized to your specific needs. Understanding how each of them work can help you make strategic decisions about your business.


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Active Listings Report


In the Seller Central inventory report, you can see which products have sold and how much inventory is available. The report will contain 27 columns and not all of them will be filled with data. The first column will show the item name, which is the title of your product listing on Amazon. The name is limited to 80 characters so if it’s too long, you’ll have to shorten it to fit the column. Next, you can see the item-description, which is a description of the product. Other columns will include the listing-id, which is the internal ID created by Amazon. Finally, you’ll see the seller-SKU, which gives details of the SKU allotted to your listings.


The inventory report can be useful in identifying your best performing products and to improve the performance of your other products. In addition, you can combine it with your Amazon advertising reports to see which products are performing best. Once you know which products are selling the best, you can refine your pricing strategy.


The other important feature of the inventory report is that it provides a comprehensive overview of the inventory on Amazon. It also tracks the age of the inventory, as well as the quantity of inbound inventory. This is crucial to growing your Amazon business and streamlining inventory management. Using the report can help you avoid running out of stock, which will affect your ability to win the Buy Box.


Inventory health report


Sellers can find helpful information about inventory in Amazon’s Seller Central. There are several different reports available to sellers. The active listings report gives a detailed breakdown of the amount of sellable inventory. It also provides velocity estimates for the last seven, 30 and 90 days. It includes important information such as SKU, product name, sales rank, and category.


The report has 27 columns, but not all of them will show data. The first column lists the product-name, which is the title of the listing on Amazon. It is a limited space of 80 characters, so a long title might not be displayed. You will also see the listing-id, which is the internal id assigned to your listings. The last column, price, is the price for a product. It will not include the currency.


The Amazon Inventory Report is another powerful tool that lets sellers analyze the health of their inventory. Combined with advertising reports, this report enables sellers to find out which products are selling well and which are not. This information can help sellers adjust their inventory management accordingly. Once they know which products are performing well, they can improve their performance by adjusting their price and advertising campaigns.


The Manage Orders section in Seller Central allows sellers to print shipping labels and confirm shipment of customer orders. It also allows sellers to upload order-related files.


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Fulfillment reports


Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard has many reports for sellers to review. These reports cover everything from Amazon Business to advertising, and from FBA fulfillment to returns. All of them include detailed information that helps sellers plan for the future. You can even see a breakdown of the number of products you have sold and the amount of money that you’ve received in total. All purchases are recorded in the dashboard, and the statistics are shown in dollars and percentages.


These reports are a gold mine of information. The information in them can make a huge impact on the marketplace, and sellers who take the time to analyze and use these reports regularly will have a much higher chance of success than sellers who don’t. But analyzing and implementing these reports can take time and money. If you’re short on both, you can always outsource the task to a third-party service.


Besides reviewing inventory, these reports also contain recommendations for how to improve the efficiency of order fulfillment. These recommendations are based on your inventory position, ASIN alerts, and known inputs. Taking action based on this information can make your operations more efficient and productive. This report is particularly useful for managing your inventory and helping you understand how your products are selling.


Fulfillment reports in Amazon Seller Central provide valuable information that can help you improve your business. They can help you determine which strategies are working and which ones aren’t. They can also help you boost your sales volume and improve your conversion rates.



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