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Seller Snap Alternative -Asinwiser Repricer

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Seller Snap Alternative -Asinwiser Repricer-A Repricing tool at a fraction of the cost of sellersnap 


Asinwiser repricer is a powerful amazon price intelligence and automation tool platform, is one of the best Sellersnap alternative. See the reason behind online sellers resort to asinwiser repricer than on any other amazon repricer to increase their sales and stay competitive 24/7.


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Description Asinwiser Repricer Sellersnap
Pricing Plans start at just $29/month
Offers the most affordable pricing options for all sellers
start at $500/month
These charges very high The most basic plan is not even suitable for medium sized sellers
Artificial intelligence Asinwiser repricing tool -Offers AI-powered repricing strategies/techniques that are proven to improve chances to win the buybox
Asiwiser’s AI-powered tool uses the latest technology to not only automatically increase your sales and profits but also to guard your profits
Sellersnap provides “Game Theory” powered repricing, which is not suitable for everyone’s business
We believe the principle of “Game Theory” works but use of the the same in repricing is not proven to work. Even sellersnap in their own words say that it is not suitable in all occasions


Some other KEY Differences


Description Sellersnap Asinwiser repricer
BuyBox wins No specific mention about how buybox wins are gained Buybox wins analyzer with 7/30/90 days
Multifulfiment logic Not supported If FBA is out of stock then FBM skus will be repriced using advanced automation
Velocity Repricing Not supported Velocity repricing based on stock levels & sales velocity
No of SKU’S supported 50,000 at higher plan Can support unlimited SKU’S
Marketplaces Supported Only support 3 marketplaces Supports all amazon marketplaces 20 market places supported
Pricing 500 dollars/month Starting plan at 30 dollars per month
Product research tool Not available Available
Bulk UPC Scanner for analyzing price lists Not available Available


I hope the above will give you a clear idea of the differences of sellersnap and Asinwiser repricer. Asinwiser tools will always be affordable and will use the most up to date technology.


We would like to give simple example for choosing by looking at real figures and suggesting why sellersnap might not be an affordable option especially for wholesale or arbitrage -online or retail arbitrage sellers.


Its a known fact that the gross profit margin of ecommerce for amazon retailers/sellers  lies around 15 percent regardless of what repricer you are using in arbitrage model.


So going by this -if you make 10,000 dollars in sales your gross margin be 1500 dollars. So you are essentially paying 30 percent of your overall profit margin just by using a repricer which is probably not justifiable for amazon sellers who are starting out. This calculation is based on one market place .The next plan for sellersnap is 800 dollars per month if we go by above example then you are actually giving 50 percent of profit margin for using a tool.


Our verdict -sellersnap is a very pricey tool and it might suit a seller who is selling in millions and even then we are not sure how much extra profit they would make in using a similar tool which is much more affordable.


If you would like to use an affordable tool with comparable performance kindly contact us or message us.




We would be always be affordable for sellers as we value the same principles that amazon is driven by is for better customer experience in this case it would amazon sellers like your self.


If you are an online Amazon seller, then you must have an intelligent tool that will guide your business towards success by targeting the brand story, right keyword, products research, analyzing competitors, fba calculator, fba fee calculator, repricer and so much more. Get your ticket to success today!


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