Top Tricks Experts Wouldn’t Tell You About Walmart’s Sponsored Products

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Although Walmart is conveniently the second-fastest-growing retailer after Amazon, the company’s eCommerce marketing options are minimal. Walmart ads are now gaining features and specifications as the retailer shifts its focus to eCommerce.

So, what are Walmart Sponsored Products, and how do you find them? Let’s look at how they work, who qualifies, and how brands can start taking advantage of this innovative development advertising channel.

Sponsored Product Ads from Walmart

Walmart Sponsored Products is a significant new way for brands to attain and sway customers. Walmart Sponsored Product ads are targeted at customers who visit to learn about, research, and purchase products.

Furthermore, Walmart Sponsored Products are PPC advertisements that emerge alongside organic listings, similar product detail pages (PDPs), and Sponsored Products carousels on

Eligibility for Walmart Sponsored Products

To sustain the stability and power of their search engine results, Walmart Sponsored Products has specific eligibility conditions. Walmart Sponsored Products must be pertinent to search terms and conduct well naturally on the site. An SKU must meet the following requirements to qualify for Sponsored Products:

1. Belong to an appropriate section for the focused search term, with at least one item of the same type showing up naturally on the first page of results.

2. Have an excellent organic search position already. To be qualified for Walmart Sponsored Products, products must typically rank in the top 128 search engine results.

3. Win the Buy Box; multiple vendors of the same item are listed on the same page, and the seller with the best price, in-stock rate, timely delivery, and User reviews win the Buy Box.

4. The above enrollment prerequisites factor into an SKU’s significance score, and winning Sponsored Products are selected (and their placements) based on the integration of significance and bid.


Walmart conducts an auction-based on first-price bidding. Advertisers place bids on specific terms and items, establishing their highest bid per click. When someone clicks on the ad placement, the winning bidder is charged the bid amount.

Moreover, Walmart uses a more straightforward bidding template than Amazon, which utilises a second bid auction model. Walmart’s marketplace also requires the highest offer. In addtion, setting bids in this situation necessitates a slightly different approach.

Manually and automatically, Walmart Sponsored Product advertisements are available. While the names indicate the direct contrast between the different bidding types, there are vital factors to consider and benefits. 

Moreover, it’s highly recommended to have a mix of automatic and manual bidding campaigns based on your set targets.

Automatic Bidding

When you initiate an automatic campaign, you permit Walmart to determine the best ad placement depending on the product title, PDP content, group, and product lines information. Only automated bidders receive Product Carousel and Buy Box Flag placements.

Because Walmart uses product details to determine the best placement, it’s critical to enhance product descriptions with keywords in relevant search results. Manual campaigns can even assist in determining which keywords should be included on retail sites.

Manual Bidding 

Manual campaigns entail bidding on target keywords and give you more authority over where your Walmart ads appear in search engines. You select the keywords and maximum bids, then choose from three match types:

1. Exact Match: The shopper types in the keywords precisely as it appears in the search results.

2. Phrase Match: The search contains the keyword or phrase, including more leading or slipping words.

3. Broad Match: The query contains all of the words in the keywords, but they can show up in any sequence and may include extra words. 

Sponsored Products Campaign with Walmart

Sponsored Products are intended to increase traffic to your PDPs, resulting in increased sales, accessibility, and organic search rank. Increase site traffic and share of voice with funds, and protect your electronic shelf pocket with volume and control over your most important keywords to grow your customer base. 

To build your first campaign, follow these steps:

1. Consider performing a product descriptions page audit before introducing a new campaign. Because it improves the significance, conversion rate, and regulation of the Buy Box, a comprehensive, high-quality PDP is at the heart of an effective ad campaign.

2. Start with a wide range of products so you can collect data to assess and optimise them based on traffic and return on investment.

3. Run campaigns both automatically and manually. Content-driven auto advertisements can help you find new customers and collect valuable search data. In contrast, keyword-driven manual promotions can help you defend your niche more effectively and keep your costs down.

4. To acquire premia (high-conversion) listings like the Buy Box Banner and the first section of search results, use bid metrics to increase bids based on pre-set circumstances for involuntary campaigns judiciously.

5. Dedicate a more significant portion of your budget to automated campaigns, focusing on known targets and specific queries that are proven to increase conversion and decrease waste.

Furthermore, set aside up to 30% of your Sponsored Products expenditure for test and learn promotional activities, and use Walmart’s disclosure tools to track results, spot trends, and uncover new opportunities. 

These further include day-by-day, item-by-item, keyword-by-keyword, ad group-by-ad group, page type-by-page type, and platform-by-platform performance reports.

Because Walmart defines qualifications for Sponsored Products ads, advertisers should create their brands on as soon as possible and set priorities sustaining their Share of Voice on the online market.


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